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  1. I really wish I had a mic. I have yelled at my TV is frustration as teammates have watched me chase down mobs as they make their way to base and begin to whittle it away. And when the Amp gets stuck, way too many people come up and just blast it to hell before I have made an inkling of scrap off it. Thanks again for the tips. I seem to have been playing pretty well, just need to tweak it a bit.
  2. I have been playing as a scrapper recently. Been having fun with it, too. Been using 6 rippers and throwing Collection prongs in as many areas around the maps as possible. Once I do that, I just stay in one general area. Should I be moving all over the map using sprint legs? Should I have a knockback shot gun or a shredder turret for my green? Do I upgrade everyone's turrets asap? Thanks. I am really trying to get better. I finally beat hospital to 100. Still can't get past like 60's or 70's on the other 2.
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