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  1. Hey guys, this isn't a game-related kickstarter, but I'm sure there are a few fans of funk music on here. Bootsy Collins, genius bassist of Funkadelic fame, launched a kickstarter about a month ago. It has three days to go, and it's in trouble. Here's a link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1161759940/bootsy-collins-the-igiveafunk-cd-tour-dvd-and-more
  2. I trust you guys to do what is best for the game. You are on the ground, we are only spectating. You know the game design business, we don't. If you think it's best to release part of the game in January, then I'm behind that decision. Looks like you're all doing an excellent job so far, and I have enough confidence in everybody involved to make the best decision.
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