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  1. I'm more like one of those biodrones who thinks kickstarter is a crowdsourcing platform and not a storefront. Therefore, no, I do not think seneschel is a "paying customer" who is entitled to anything. Reward tiers are a way of saying thanks, and if it turns out that the thanks takes a slightly different form, then whatever. You're still getting told thanks. This is equivalent to complaining that you're "not being thanked good enough". Granted, I think developers on Kickstarter in general, and Kickstarter as a company in general, could stand to do a lot more work about communicating exactly what Kickstarter is and making sure that backers understand. It's not a pre-order store, but the way projects get pitched there often SOUNDS very pre-ordery, and it's understandable that people may therefore FEEL like it's kinda pre-ordery. Fact. ---> It's not a pre-order store. <---Fact. Therefore---whether you paid $15 or $100 or $10,000---that's on you. That's the whole point of kickstarter. THAT IS ON YOU. That's the equivalent of going through the grocery store checkout and the cashier says, "Would you like to donate your change to support the local zoo?" And you say, "Sure. I love the zoo." And the cashier says, "Okay. You have the option to support the red panda, the tiger, or the orangutan." And at that point you respond, "WHAT?!?! I gave you MY 68 cents, and there isn't even a PLATYPUS?! This is bullsh*t! F**k this zoo project! I want my 68 cents back!" Would that person not be kind of an a**hole? I submit that they would, and I submit that this is no different. No, you are not a paying customer and you are not entitled to anything. What you are....***PRESUMABLY***.... is a kind, generous person. But these "my thank you present isn't good enough" rants are very Veruca Salt and very depressing. They don't just make me annoyed; they make me sad. Specifically, it makes me sad that there is a lot of misunderstanding on both sides, and it's putting strain on something that should be a great opportunity for everyone. So... if I'm understanding your argument correctly, people who run Kickstarters have zero obligations to backers? I'm assuming that you're then okay with people who take Kickstarter money and run, since all those people who donated were just "thanking" them anyways? If that's not what you're saying, please feel free to correct me, but I'm not sure how else to read it.
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