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  1. I am torn. On one side I think it's extremely beautiful on an artistic level and it has a fantastic cast of characters and a very nice story. On the other side, I think that we were promised an old-style adventure game, and this absolutely isn't one. No verbs, no hotspot, no puzzles, semplicistic interface designed for tablets... Not the game I was hoping for, I'm afraid.
  2. Just a question... are we backers entitled to a GOG code for Broken Age? As I'm not a steam user and I have all my games collection on GOG, would be nice for me to have BA too there.
  3. Uhm, I didn't receive the code yet... what was the procedure for asking it again?
  4. While I don't really agree with maccave (I am pretty much in line with ChristianSt thinking) and especially his tone, the separation in Act I and II was originally *not* on the kickstarter page. There was just a game, when you backed. It was their decision to split it up, and this decision came after the funding. So, in no way should have negatively impacted (some of) the backers. In any case, I consider this only a minor mistake from them and not something done with ill intentions, and I'm glad they listen to us and that they're fixing it. My consideration and apreciation for DF is still pretty high.
  5. It's to protect the intellectual property. Because if you owned the game itelf instead of the license to use it, you would have been entitled to copy, rent, lend and distribute. You could also have taken assets from it (ex. the sprites from a 2D game or the backgrounds) and used them to create and sell another game, thus damaging the rightful creators and profit from their work. The problem is when companies use that as an excuse to just sell you a "service" and strip you of your rights (like what happened with dragon age 2, where bioware locked out of their game some legitimate customers because of their forum posts). Just nitpicking... the eula is worth, legally speaking, absolutely nothing in many civilized countries.
  6. To be honest, all software is licensed and not sold. It's not a steam prerogative.
  7. I find the best way to deal with that is to ask for rational engagement and sidestep the poo flinging. Worst case is that that gets ignored. Best case is that some meaningful discussion ensues. It feels like there are more chances for positive outcomes that way than from just ignoring them. As a hypothetical random forum-goer here, or as someone who's previously crossed paths with them on the Telltale Forums? That attitude has been pretty common in other threads. It's troubling that many who embrace platforms like Steam feel the need to belittle and demean those who don't I can't speak for anywhere else, but the Steam communities that I'm involved with/coordinate aren't rife with those sorts of attitudes. http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-ways-your-brain-turning-you-into-jerk/ #5 Let's not feed the troll, ignore him and keep a civil discussion between grown-ups.
  8. Technically speaking they never promised unfinished DRM-free version, as well as they never promised free spaceship to every backer. So by that logic, if they offer DRM-free version of Act 1 - I demand they provide me with my spaceship as well. And yes, I really am looking forward to it. Already have big plans, and will fell cheated and betrayed if I won't get it. Technically speaking, they never promised to divide the game in two acts.
  9. Personally, I don't want any crap installed on my PC, harmful or not. Even beneficial. I buy the game, I want the game and nothing else.
  10. Another GOG user here. I love the guys behind it and I love their policy. They really respect their legitimate customers. Have fun. Say, wasn't that a Kickstarter that explicitly promised DRM free? Huh, I wonder why they break THEIR promises. Mh, I just investigated a bit - and as it seems as of right now there is seems no DRM-free version, but it will be available soonish. Just to say it: Hearing that I'm kinda glad I backed out before the end of the KS. I don't need yet another game where I need to ask why the version I payed for doesn't happen or is delayed. But seeing all this "DRM-free" advocated projects have problems delivering on it makes it kinda unlike that I'm going to back another video game Kickstarter in the near future. And if I do I think I would need to ask some serious question how they plan to treat the DRM-free version/backers. But right know I have the feeling that many developers on KS* just say "Mh, everything promises DRM-free, so we do it to! And then we forget about it later... Oh some backers have problems about not getting DRM-free games?... Mh, we try to make it happen some day - but for now have other people have their fun with the game." And I have the feeling that this doesn't help anybody in the long run. Promising stuff and not doing it (or delay it without reasons) is a good way to make people stop caring about what you promise them. * I have no clue if that is a fair conclusion, but from the Games that are more or less finished from KS that I have heard about it I haven't seen one that stayed truly faithful to their DRM-free promise (Shadowrun Returns [though they at least managed to sort that out mostly], Broken Age and The Banner Saga - so that sample size is kinda small.) Pretty much this. I'm glad I didn't back The Banner Saga. And I don't think I'll back something on Kickstarter ever again. I will wait for the release, from now on.
  11. I rarely use guides. I use a walkthrough in cases when I get frustrated for some reason with a puzzle. And usually it turns out that the puzzle is either very illogical or bugged for some reason.
  12. I personally think deponia is *terrible* Daedalic made some great adventures, and deponia isn't one (or three) of them.
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