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      You never know, it might happen.  There is... a prophecy. Thank you all for being part of these forums, and remember that the fun is definitely not over - so please join us on Discord! Love ya, Spaff, Tim, Info Cow, and all of Double Fine.


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  1. Forum cleanup

    I like it. Very fitting for this month.
  2. Edit: Oops, double post by accident.
  3. Where does a person work if they only have one leg? I actually overheard someone telling this one the other day and it made me cringe so hard.
  4. It could be nothing, but...

    Maybe he's learning to count?
  5. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    Polygon posted a new article about the game. Link
  6. The next "Double Fine Presents" game: GNOG

    I haven't played it, but based on what I've read and seen, it's a puzzle game that involves messing with diorama-like settings. As far as the adventure game, Last Life, there was a recent update stating it's currently planned for an early 2016 release.
  7. Link I've been looking forward to the computer version of this game for awhile and just read it's coming to the PS4, along with Double Fine's involvement.
  8. I think (well, hope) that a release date for Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition will be announced. Beyond that, I have no idea what to expect. Maybe that unannounced project teased in the Broken Age documentary will be shown?
  9. Iron Brigade for PC no longer has GFWL

    Updated my post.
  10. In case anyone hasn't seen the main page: http://www.doublefine.com/news/comments/weve_regained_the_rights_to_iron_brigade_and_have_removed_gfwl/
  11. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to watching some of that bonus stuff.
  12. I chose horizontal because I keep picturing the split image of Vella and Shay on the cover. But I'll be happy with whatever is decided.
  13. Welcome, James! I've been going to Mojo for a long time now. Nice to see you around here.