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  1. Possible bug with the ramp?

    Thanks, I sent you the save files. Hope it will be solved soon.
  2. Possible bug with the ramp?

    I decided to try it, didn't work. Double Fine, please fix this?
  3. Possible bug with the ramp?

    I'm kinda waiting for an official fix
  4. Possible bug with the ramp?

    ok good so I'm not the only one. Any chance for a response from double fine? is it going to be fixed soon? I don't have an earlier save. Thanks
  5. Possible bug with the ramp?

    Like I said, I tried both on the bike and off the bike
  6. Hey, I'm playing full throttle for the first time (for some reason I missed this game when I was a kid) Anyway I'm trying to get the ramp from the cavefish hideout. First time they chased me so I had to go back and get it again, when I pushed to to the bike I forgot to hook it and I level the ramp screen without it. Now every time I try to go to the screen Ben says "I really gotta get out of here" or " I don't spelunk" when I'm off the motor cycle. I checked a walkthrough, I know what needs to be done but why can't I go back to the ramp screen? is that a bug in the game? I don't want to restart the entire game. Thanks, Amit
  7. Fancake art

    Me and my girlfriend started making shaped pancakes, any suggestions on what we do next?