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  1. WOW One of the best days of my life. Also have to thank doublefine for the shoutout. I still can't fucking believe it. This has been a month of watery eyes for me.
  2. Yu Suzuki is doing an AMA if someone would like to join http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3ag05q/i_am_yu_suzuki_ama/
  3. From the famitsu interview: 2 million is the bare minimum for the game to exist, and if that was all they got, it would just be focused on the story. The more money it gets, the more of the things he wants to do will be possible. As far as money goes, he expects the game's investment will primarily come from individual backers, so he wants them all to be happy with the finished product. Doesn't sound like Sony and others are giving them all THAT much. Hopefully all those articles badmouthing the kickstarter (and by default Yu Suzuki reputation) don't affect the kickstarter.
  4. Yes, it's a totally unique game set in an contemporary urban enviroment (set in the 80s), it's not like yakuza or similar games, it's more of an adventure game that mixes martial arts, a somewhat detective story and chinese culture. The world seems really fleshed out, somewhere you could actually live that even games today cannot achieve. It was revolutionary at it's time, you could open drawers, work, lots of voiced npcs, realistic weather, arcade games, forklifts (lol), 3d beat them up engine based on virtua fighter (more than 60 moves that you could train individually and even the animation of these would change) tons of minigames (that are integrated in the story), QTE, free roaming, amazing music. It's pretty much the precursor to most open world games and these new cinematic games that everyone talks about. The voice acting was subpar, the story was quite engaging but the writing was wonky at times, and the game has a pace that a lot of gamers can't handle (somewhat slow, but to be honest it's relaxing as fuck), also tank controls. It's not nostalgia glasses, it's quite a masterpiece, but like real masterpieces it's a love or hate thing.
  5. Apparently shuei says they are not backing Shenmue and they just thought in giving him a hand with E3 presence
  6. People backed the game for a Shenmue III game for pc/ps4 Sony used it to gauge interest (like a lot of kickstarters get publishers). I don't know what people are expecting sony to say. Yes, fuck Yu Suzuki, well do a yakuza reskin and call it shenmue ?? They are being quite honest, it's a third party game that they are going to fund, the kickstarter is to gauge the scope of the game before doing something irrationally big (give Shenmue the scope that it'll make profit). It's not like they even waited to say they're backing it, or something shady as people are putting it to be. And Yu Suzuki wants the fan input, and as a thanks because he knows that part of all this is because the community never lost hope. EDIT: Yu Suzuki is still looking for investment, so the best the kickstarter goes he'll have more posibilities, and that's pretty much what a KICKSTART is about. Shenmue III is going to be awesome, I can feel it.
  7. Suzuki has already told that Shenmue III would be a lot less expensive than the first 2 games (that 70m figure was for shenmue 1 and 2, the saturn version, preproduction, trips to china, the unique engine for it's time, and marketing). This new Shenmue is going to be cheaper and hopefully it'll capture what made Shenmue so great. Sony is going to fund this, but they're going to see how much interest could it carry. The game is still going to be a YSnet game (a new company). I don't see the big fuss about it. 14 years of waiting for someone to put money in it, and Sony did it, but with the help of fans. I couldn't be happier.
  8. Shenmue is a third party game, they need the money, that's why there's a kickstarter. Sony just helped them spread the word with a spot in the E3, and aiding with ps4 suppport/marketing. The same happened with grim fandango, and I guess a lot of people here were happy about this, and Shenmue III was/is a high risk game compared to Grim. It's not just propaganda or a pre-sale, it's just that sony is going to aid in the development.
  9. Backed shenmue with $500. I can't blame sony, no one in 14 years gave Shenmue anything, it was a high risk bet, people even thought that it couldn't even raise 100k. They just needed to see if it was just fanboyism or if there was actually something there. BTW Shenmue is mostly known as a legend but few people actually played it. It's not a castlevania or a megaman, it's a niche game with a hardcore cult following. I'm stupidly happy, I thought this would never happen, it still feels like a dream. Shenmue was one of the best games ever made (my favorite game of all time bar none).
  10. No, they should make a single copy and burn it in livestream just for the lolz.
  11. It's a weird game to be remastered isn't it ?? The pre-rendered backgrounds still look really good, and the are designed to be low poly. What are they going to do ? Same backgrounds higher res with new models, point n click interface or a full 3D game ? But I will probably buy it for pc.
  12. It was a really cool idea but impossible to do in 2 weeks. The audio overlaps a lot at first, the same goes with the subtitles. I don't know why they added deaths in the game, I've died 3 times before I could go to the house. Maybe they did it to make game longer, but just makes it frustrating to do pretty much the same thing over and over (the same after the house). I think for the prototype they should have been done with less buds (like 5), and just make them ask you some questions and getting bored of you or something like that instead of the "go talk to X guy" approach, would have made the game more organic I think. The controls were weird, I think that façade approach was easier to talk/move (instead of pressing spacebar to talk and wasd to move, you move with arrows and have all the keyboard to write).
  13. Yup, I got it, strange stuff indeed. I there another ending other than wicked ?
  14. (copying this from another thread I'm quite drunk): I think that looking at chatbots was really the best way to go. Seaman was awesome for it's time (in my top 5 dreamcast games behind shenmue I and II). But it's unrealistic. Seaman was a game designed to ask questions, really specific ones, with a sazzy character (and the amazing voice of seaman). Façade was a big BIG experiment on language in storytelling (I've played both long time ago). Both had a linear principle: -In case of seaman it was thought as a virtual pet, so you would only get questions after a couple of days (an interesting take on tamagochi). -Façade from what I remember had like 3 or 4 predetermined scripts and they would also ask questions for the "finale". It will be very difficult to do something in that scope in 2 weeks (crazy level stuff). In seaman you had like 30 "sazzy" responses to pretty much anything (apart from some words like "sega" or sony). It can be done in this game. The funny in façade is the same as doing bullshit in half life 2 "cutscenes". They get some words and even if the answers didn't match their facial expresion will just make things funny/awkward. I think they should've focused on the "storydriven" mistery that was pitched instead of a "real language engine". The buds could just ask questions and kind of waiting for a response instead. There should be some fluff dialogue of course, but trying to make a game based on that is a little less crazy than Crawford's "people games" (and I love that guy, really he is/was just ahead), he was searching people on his reboot of siboot... etc. This was the most "out of there" design, and I love that. But for the time being, I think they should focus on certain stuff, more question based (driving to the point of the narrative). I think there is a threadline here that we will experience (in a narrative way, from Pen's pitch), so I think it will be OK. TL;DR The game should be a little more focused, doing fictionary chatbots with certain personality traits might not be as realisable:
  15. I'm feeling really nostalgic... Shenmue, best game ever made, it's weird how most games can still not match it. The zen it had, everything, it's like games are just not as good. It was so fucking organic it was (is) out of every game out there. The game made you feel nostalgic, angry, meditative... So damn good.
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