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  1. Did you install the latest ATI Catalyst drivers? This helped some people with your configuration (somwhere in the depths of this forum)...
  2. Now it works on my Ubuntu. I deinstalled the proprietary fglrx driver and now use the open-source radeon driver.
  3. same here - black screen in linux (Ubuntu 13.10). I have an ATI card.
  4. * the place where all the young universes are born (or are they made? But then they must also be properly packaged and shipped, which could be difficult) * Wall Street in a selling (or buying) panic. You know, with with all the traders running around, crying "buy, buy" while ignoring everything around them. They wouldn't even notice a bug-eyed alien if he was dancing amidst them. * The city of Chernobyl today. This one would be really creepy, though. Here are some pictures (most of them are missing on the page but you get the general idea): http://villageofjoy.com/chernobyl-today-a-creepy-story-told-in-pictures/ * A floating island, like they have it on lake titicaca: http://gosouthamerica.about.com/od/topdestlaketiticaca/a/floatingislands.htm
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