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  1. Steam also has a -10% presale offer now like GOG (and lists only the PC version, also like GOG).
  2. Ah, I forgot about Loom, but didn't it only have SOME spoken dialogue, not all? Tim was talking about the first LucasArts game that had EVERYTHING voiced. I think he's referring to the first game that was originally released with voice acting. Loom and Fate of Atlantis talkie versions were released years after the floppy versions came out. And yes, Loom CD version has abridged dialogue due to the technical restrictions of the time.
  3. Great news, but I wonder who is RPS's source? No mention of the soundtrack release here at DF or on sumthing.com yet.
  4. My guess is that is the original painting on which the background in the game's intro is based. I don't know what the process was exactly back then but my understanding is the artists would paint the backgrounds which would then be digitised to the 320x200 (or whatever) resolution for the game.
  5. It was a great idea to release the documentary, it contains interesting stuff even for non-backers and it is definitely the most thorough behind-the-scenes look at game development I have ever seen. It deserves a wider audience. Just my two player production cents.
  6. I remember from some old LucasArts interview that the original DOTT team got a quote from Chuck Jones himself about the game but the marketing department (?) didn't think it was worth to print it on the box since they thought nobody knew who Chuck Jones was (???). Could you use the quote in the DOTT:SE marketing?
  7. I agree with pretty much everyone, the HD by r0my is the best. Also: wow, was the original really that pixelated? Nostalgia equals mental antialiasing.
  8. From GamesBeat's interview with Peter:
  9. I liked the Grim one, especially the bits of "digital archaeology" (finding and recovering old assets) and the new work done on the music (Peter and MSO). Could have watched a whole episode of the orchestra playing!
  10. It would be great if Peter or someone at Double Fine could list which tracks were completely re-recorded, which got new elements (like the Nuevo Marrow track with Peter on the guitar that we see in the making of video) and which were left untouched from the original. The credits video contains at least three new versions: the theme performed by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and two extended jazz tracks ("Casino Calavera" and "Smooth Hector"). I'm not sure whether they did anything to the last one ("Manny & Meche"), do you hear any differences?
  11. Well, turns out neither my home MacBook Pro or work Thinkpad are able to run Remastered - when did this happen to adventure games? *g* Something to look forward to with my next hardware upgrade, then.
  12. The reorchestrated music was the number one feature I was looking forward to in Grim Remastered and since there's still no word on an official soundtrack release, here's how you can extract music yourself from the game files. It is not a perfect solution as some tracks contain sound effects and others are mixed to sound diegetic (ie. as coming from the game world), but maybe someone will find this useful. 1. Download and install the game on Windows (as Scumm Revisited is only available on Windows) 2. Download and unzip Scumm Revisited: http://jsg.id.au/scumm/scummrev/download.html 3. Launch Scumm Revisited 4. Click "Browse" and locate Grim Fandango music files in the installation directory (filenames YEAR0MUS.LAB - YEAR4MUS.LAB) 5. Select a track in Explorer and click "Decompress to .WAV" Scumm Revisited can be used to explore other assets in the game files, too - see the website linked above for more information. Tested on Windows 7 (64-bit).
  13. You can switch between the original and special edition versions in both games. Or what do you mean with original version?
  14. "Crude humor" :> Looks nice, just too bad they didn't use the fantastic fonts and transitions of the title cards like in the original trailer. I loved those.
  15. I love that cast "photo" with Tim in the corner:
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