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  1. Keyboard layout

    Thanks, now I can finally ask questions! I also found the apostrophe a little to the left of the enter key. Unfortunately it didn't help much, I thought the buds would understand me a little better if I used the question mark but I guess they can't understand much either way...
  2. Keyboard layout

    I had the same problem. Mine has a Brazillian layoud so luckily I had no problems with the letters themselves, although I couldn't find the question mark and whenever I tried to use apostrophes it would bring up the console.
  3. Mnemonic Feedback

    I got stuck for a long time in a particular puzzle. Like a few others here, I tried the correct solution several times from up close, only to realize that I had to stand at a particular spot. That twist at the end was very cool, but I'm not a big fan of how abruptly the prototype ended. I feel like the story could be very interesting in a longer game.
  4. Suggestion and Feedback Thread

    I was having a lot of fun, but at some point things simply stopped happening. I guess I ran into a bug... Several days passed while I ordered my secret police to spy on every single one of my cabinet members just to pass the time, until I eventually quit. I'll have to try it again and see if it works this time around. Despite that, it was really entertaining while it lasted and I loved how the art style turned out.
  5. Steed Official Feedback Thread

    Wow, what an amazing prototype... I always knew it would look great, but I didn't expect it to also be so much fun! Despite how limited the range of attacks is, I couldn't help but keep playing long after the story ended. I think the best part of the combat is how I can fight so many enemies at the same time -- first a stomp on two greks in front of me, then a kick to one at the back and to finish it off a magic bolt at the one trying to run away... Man, I wish I could play a full version right now! There was one thing that bothered me, however: the camera angle when galloping is really low, it almost made me feel nauseous. Great job guys, I'm glad I voted for this one.
  6. After the last day of development, there was some sort of studio wide play-through of all the prototypes. Since not all recordings of the past streams are available on Twitch I'm not sure whether or not it was live streamed. I don't remember seeing anything related to that in the stream schedule on the day those play-troughs happened, and so I was wondering if there would be any videos made available of that meeting?
  7. Thanks a lot! I do remember watching them play the old prototypes, I guess I barely missed the playthroughs that day. Now I don't know if I'll watch them play first or if I'll wait for the downloads to be up and play beforehand... Decisions, decisions!