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  1. tried that, you mean with the cable? it wont connect and it just boomerangs to me puzzled
  2. any help with this one guys? i've tried everything i can think of including saving the game and reloading thinking it might still have the 3 sec item tried the slow bit. can't find anything to connect into or hack?
  3. thanks guys got it now game has some super bugs that im discovering every so often but to be expected, not complaining =)
  4. restarting fixed it but now i am stuck doing the library puzzle is that what i should be doign next, ive read there is some genie thing i need to do first? but i literally cannot see anywhere else i can go without being guarded except the library?
  5. got the time device went through the stairs then up to the fireballs got through with the time device tried to go into the next room at the top, it won't load bug or am i doing something wrong i can't go anywhere else in the castle because of the guards guarding other areas and not moving
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