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  1. We're locked up for the foreseeable future on other projects, and don't have any current plans, but who knows what the future-future holds?
  2. Glad you liked it, Rodego! Thanks for playing! Our guess is that the crash would not have corrupted the upgrade if you were able to load your save fine (although it's possible) I have actually had that same experience, and thought for sure there was bug (and I'm the one that placed them!), but it always came down to me just missing one or two and having to fine-tooth comb it. The first thing to try is to open your map on both Pleasure Port and Luna Citadel and see if the whole map is revealed. Scan the walls for possible vent holes that you haven't gone into. There are two hidden rooms that I can think of that wouldn't be apparent on the map that require zap pads to enter. There is also one section of the game that doesn't appear on the map. The long platform near the surface of the moon has some upgrades. That could be a good place to look too. Good luck!
  3. Hey, Kestrel Pi! Sorry that section is giving you a tough time. We've actually made some tweaks to tuning in the latter half of the game that should make this section a little less butt-stabby. That update should be hitting sometime today. But! That third round is about leveraging the bodies in the room to take out the Boss' midsection. There's tons of ways to go about that depending on which upgrades you have available to you. Auto-Sentries or Shepherd Hack can be super useful. Charged Shot, Prismatic Body Shield, Head Butt Swap (as Rodego recommended) etc. With the right combination of upgrades, you can annihilate his midriff in no time.
  4. Glad you guys liked the clown so much! Quick clown backstory: I hate clowns. Scott C also hates clowns. My goal was to come up with a clown that even clown haters would love. Scott C nailed it with his concepts. We were both laughing like crazy with some of the ideas he came up with. I wish there was some way we could have gotten all of the ideas in! (see a few unused concepts below). Also, the model and animation for the clown was done by Tyler Hurd, who has recently been in the news for BUTTS and Old Friend. You should check those out!
  5. You're right! Matt designed the card game on his own as a side project to help promote CQ2. He also playtested it with a bunch of DFers. Lots of puking! Raz Mavlian came up with the look of the cards.
  6. I've learned that The Thing™ that was holding back the Euro release and sackboy update will soon be resolved. Your itch will be quelled!
  7. I'll let the Fan Gamer guys know they have a broken link! Thanks for the heads up! The new Vol 1 book is basically a reprint with a different cover from a different publisher (Oni Press). Vol. 2 is a new book that continues where Vol. 1 left off.
  8. This thread warms my cockles. (and the team's cockles)
  9. 9. Walking Dead: Season 2 - Becoming less and less gamey, and more and more interactive fictiony to me, but I don't care! It's still enjoyable! 8. 80 Days - Haven't completed it, but I love the main loop and the writing is fantastic. 7. Alien: Isolation - Amazing art direction and initial experience. Overlong, but worth experiencing if you love you some Alien. 6. Monument Valley - Perfect little game. Beautiful and fun. Doesn't overstay its welcome. Can't wait to get the update. 5. Shovel Knight - This sated my 80s nostalgia gland. Super good platforming! 4. Divinity: Original Sin - Overwhelmingly deep! Super engrossing if you have 96093245435 hours to kill! 3. NBA2K15 - I love basketball and don't care who knows it! This is as close to perfect as I've experienced in a SIM, and the game modes are all solid and addictive. Easily the most hours I've put into a game since DOTA. 2. Dragon Age: Inquisition - INSANELY GOOD. Would be my GOTY if it wasn't an iteration... ... and my GOTY goes to... COSTUME QUEST 2!!! (j/k, I have to recuse myself on that one). It actually goes to... 1. Valiant Hearts: The Great War - Amazing WWI story. Puzzles all contribute to the story without feeling "gamey". Steeped in feels. Amazing little moments of humor and poignancy all with a great style and clever animations. Games I suspect would be on my list if I had gotten to them, and am embarrassed for not having played yet: Banner Saga, Super Time Horse, Hohokum, things Mario (I have a WiiU in the mail, so my list will probably be shaken up with Nintendo joints soon), probably something else I'm forgetting.
  10. Whoops! I think I misread your comment. There's no one reason why really. There were a myriad of things that contributed to delays including the stuff in Tim's tweet above. It will be released as soon as possible! No one wants it out more than me!
  11. Hey Kestrel! RE:Bafflement: The certification process includes making sure the game functions, but mainly it's to ensure that it complies with the console specific features. The PS4 has a lot of new features that don't appear on the PS3. New behaviors, new controller buttons with different features, new ways to interact with friends, online rich presence stuff, different formats of marketing art/text, etc... things that don't really have much to do with the game, but take quite a while to comply with. A lot of this is done by the developer and some of it is done by the publisher. It takes a lot of communication between 3 test departments, developer, publisher and console publisher. Each region has it's own builds with it's own set of rules, and some regions have their own ESRB style requirements on top of that (like PEGI in Europe). That's why each port requires a huge effort aside from just getting it rendering properly. Necessary evils to get on new platforms to reach more people! This doesn't answer why PS4 Euro isn't out yet, but hopefully de-baffles cert slightly.
  12. These issues are a bummer, but there is a patch on the way that should improve the framerate, some sound issues and will also add Off-TV play!
  13. If you're getting Nices, then you're doing it right! Amazings are basically perfect frame timing. Super hard to get.
  14. Hitting early to get it working is usually a sign of low frame rate. Before we optimized things, we had that issue. You'll see a little white flash on teh reticle when you're supposed to hit it. If that's not working, maybe try turning down your resolution or turning off some rendering features to see if that helps any. Sorry you're having trouble with it! Hopefully we can get you working!
  15. Sorry to hear you had a frustrating time! We actually even put some code in there to move on after a few tries if someone can't get it due to frame rate issues. I'm surprised that didn't trip for you. What platform are you on?
  16. Thanks, KestrelPi! Super glad to hear you are enjoying it! I agree RE: Peter McConnell. I might be a little biased, but this is my favorite soundtrack of his. I listen to it when I'm not playing and I've heard it a million times!
  17. I am! You will be happy to know that we are adding [potatoes] and tweaking the [potato] to be more [potatoey]. Sorry I can't say more just yet.
  18. We have done some tests in our lab. It does some neat things.
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