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  1. Yeah, I was really happy about that. But it's not just for me! It's for everyone who will play this game from now on! (You should also include the new and complete Weird Ed cutscene music. :3)
  2. Yeah, if there's one thing I hope y'all can take away from this then it's that. I don't want anyone to feel like I'm just nagging about this game like everything is "not good enough". That's not at all what I wanna get across. You've all done an AMAZING job with this remaster! Every further criticism is just so it can be even better. And I'm truly grateful for every patch you've already made. The Maniac Mansion save slots are great! The fixed music loops really paid off! And now these! You're already miles ahead of the people who made the Monkey Island Special Editions in my book. I mean those looked pretty and all but they didn't have the eye for detail at all. To this day they're still full of bugs and goofs and wrong timing and.... I could rant about it for hours. I'm also glad you want to preserve the original game's style and personality, rather than painting it over (like the Monkey Island SEs) So yeah, good job! Awesome job! I hope Full Throttle remastered will get the same treatment. ^^ Although I haven't played that one as obsessively as DotT so I probably won't be able to give as much nitpicky feedback as with DotT. XP
  3. AAAAWWWW YOU GUYS! :DDDD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! YES! THANK YOU! You've done god's work! <3 I'll stop nitpicking now. >w<
  4. WOAH HANG ON A SECOND! I just replayed that Weird Ed scene to check something... and the music appears to have been fixed! O_O Has there been another patch after this one!?!?
  5. But... they can't just stop! This is supposed to be the definitive version of the game! And we're not just talking about bugs that only a few players will see during some playthroughs on specific conditions. These are mistakes you will hear on every platform, during every playthrough. What, do we have to make another remastered version in 20 years that fixes these mistakes? No, we don't! We can make as many updates as we want until the game is perfect. Sure, it means a bit more work but once the mistakes are fixed, they'll be fixed forever. And it's not even a huge endeavor like adding saves to maniac mansion was. ...OR we could, of course, just leave it as it is and it will forever be known as the version with the partially botched audio. If that's good enough for you, great.... ...but for me it's not. I already had to settle for the horrible german translation being used again. I at least want the regular version to be fantastic. The added classic sound effects were already a HUGE plus for me. I love that they're in the game now. And now the game is SO close. SO CLOSE to being perfect! You can already taste it!
  6. Classic_CONVHALL_03_12 is also 23,5% too slow. ...I think I might as well check the entire soundtrack while I'm at it. I'll be sure to let y'all know if I find anything else. ^^
  7. Oh, I just noticed another thing. In Classic mode when you chase the chattering teeth it plays Classic_CONVHALL_01 and Classic_CONVHALL_01_12. But Classic_CONVHALL_01_12 is messed up. It plays out of synch and seemingly way too fast. I put the 2 files together into Audacity and slowed down "...01_12" by 23,5% and it fits.
  8. Ok, so in HD it plays: HQ_BOOKTOSS_00 for part 1 (ink spill) HQ_BOOKTOSS_01 for part 2 (mad ed) HQ_BOOKTOSS_02 for part 3 (book to head) HQ_BOOKTOSS_00 plays what HQ_BOOKTOSS_02 should be playing. So rename HQ_BOOKTOSS_00 to HQ_BOOKTOSS_02. The current HQ_BOOKTOSS_00 is a combination of HQ_BOOKTOSS_02 and HQ_BOOKTOSS_02_99. The file which SHOULD be called HQ_BOOKTOSS_00 is missing. It's the equivalent of Classic_BOOKTOSS_00. I assume it accidentally got replaced with the other file. HQ_BOOKTOSS_01 is right but it should also be playing HQ_BOOKTOSS_01_99 during part 2 and should fade out when Bernard leaves the room. As for classic mode: Part 1 and 3 are fine. But during part 2 the correct instruments aren't fading out. I'm guessing Classic_BOOKTOSS_01 is supposed to stay while the others fade out and while it seems like Classic_BOOKTOSS_01_7 through Classic_BOOKTOSS_01_9 do indeed fade out, Classic_BOOKTOSS_01 still has a lot of the other instruments in it. So for this you'd have to move those midi channels to the other files until there's only the high-pitched organ remaining (I'm guessing that's what it's supposed to be). I assume all these files still exist and don't have to be remade from scratch, they just need to be saved in a different way. (I hope)
  9. Nice, it would be really appreciated! Maybe while you're at it you can look at this too? http://support.doublefine.com/forums/300498-day-of-the-tentacle-remastered/suggestions/13226064-piece-of-music-sounds-unfinished It's minor but it still throws me off every time. Sounds so cheap.
  10. It's not even really a bug, it's just that a few files got mixed up and have the wrong names which could VERY easily be fixed, I assume. Can you explain the problem you are experiencing in more detail? I am not sure I totally understand the issue. We did try to pour over all the feedback and address everything we could. It's been right here in as much detail as I was able to put it: http://support.doublefine.com/forums/300498-day-of-the-tentacle-remastered/suggestions/13423470-a-number-of-things-wrong-with-the-weird-ed-cutscen It becomes quite clear what the issues are once you compare the scene to the original game.
  11. It's not even really a bug, it's just that a few files got mixed up and have the wrong names which could VERY easily be fixed, I assume.
  12. YES! THANK YOU! You don't know how glad I am to hear these iconic sounds again! Thanks so much for listening to our feedback! <3 So you're not going to fix the botched music of Weird Ed's cutscene? That's really unfortunate. That's one of my favourite scenes and it feels pretty weak without the proper music.
  13. So how about it, Double Fine? Think you can match this? ;D
  14. I really hope they still fix the Weird Ed cutscene. There's so much not working right with the music. Here's the report, if you wanna vote for it. http://support.doublefine.com/forums/300498-day-of-the-tentacle-remastered/suggestions/13423470-a-number-of-things-wrong-with-the-weird-ed-cutscen It would be a shame if the game stayed like this forever. It may not be a game breaking bug but it really softens the impact of that scene.
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