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  1. I have also always hoped there would be a "point and click" adaptation of the game.
  2. I am delighted just by watching the beginning of a let's play. All the interactions between the characters inside the jet are wonderful. I would really love to see this on PC, even if just with point and click controls.
  3. I still have hope that this will end up on PC. Superhypercube was also a PSVR exclusive and yesterday Polytron published this tweet, implying it's coming to the Vive. Now, I don't have or plan on getting a VR headset any time soon, but PitRoR really looks like it could be played with mouse and keyboard, as a point and click...
  4. Not the Linux version. Actually, last time I downloaded the Humble version for Linux, I also had to look around the forums for a patch to fix stuff like the coach's face not showing in Basic Braining. This version is from 2013.
  5. Can the Humble Store and GOG versions get this too? Please?
  6. For what it's worth, I am also still hoping for a DRM-free release.
  7. is the complete demo, without commentary.
  8. Oh, that page contains a patch from May 17 2013, which is more recent than the one from Humble (dated May 7 2013). I tried it and it does fix the projection bug! Thanks very much. Now it would just be nice if the folks at DF had a chat with those from the Humble to make sure the version on the Store is the most up to date.
  9. This bug is still (at least) in the linux version of Psychonauts at the Humble Store. Has this actually ever been fixed on other stores?
  10. I am all for making them public too and merging them with the other board. Let everyone else join in.
  11. Thank you double fine! I just redeemed mine as well.
  12. Thanks for the post, Tim. I wish I could forget the game so I could play it for the first time once more. EDIT: I am thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to make that Q&A public, and not just leave it here on the backer forums.
  13. Nice! Really faithful to the original!
  14. Well-spotted... I would have liked to see their amazing featherwork...
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