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  1. It's just like...prom night... on waiting for his girlfriend, Tim first met her father ... only without suits, rustic furniture and limos. Also the amazing game Psychonauts BBNWh21qemM
  2. Theme Hospital/Dungeon Keeper/Game Dev Story gameplay + Mario RPG like battles!!! Yesss Collecting trading cards feeling!! I love where it's going... DF Witty writing!!! Any better? Please eccentric Theme Hospital like crimes and villains!!! Wait look at this picture showing marvelous 2d isometric art... there's a blackboard, they are studying the then sugar trafficking Costume Questâ„¢ hero kids, now super villains. I knew!!! their love for hi-tech transforming costumes and their candy black market was only the beginning! Little smugglers...Spiderman suit up and pray!! Whatever, I love it. Thanks guys
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