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  1. My wife and I work in publishing, and my general makeup and thoughts are more towards Greg's line of thinking. Books have moved toward episodic content, as well. Mainly because the author either needs to A.) Maximize profit or B.) Fulfill their full arc for a series that can't be fully realized without "pauses". Unless you're Stephen King, you don't put out a 1500 page standalone book. That being said, people still give 5 Star reviews for books, even if their review reads something like "I can't believe X author left us with a cliffhanger. I am so mad. P.S. Can't wait till date for sequel/followup is released." People don't like to wait. Unfortunately, quality takes time and an investment. If you're trying to please everyone, you will please no one. Piracy still hasn't been brought into the conversation. If everyone who complained had actually invested in this project, you could bother worrying about your opinion. The very interesting thing is, that many people who complain the loudest, are the ones who will download the day one torrent...and never contribute to the project positively...unless that just means that they are a permanent leecher. Do what you need to do to realize the vision for this project.
  2. Vimeo always locks up in HD for me. No such problem with Redux. Thanks.
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