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  1. Will future Team Streams be spoiler free for all of us slacker backers who didn't get into the beta?
  2. Is early access not coming out today?
  3. I have to agree with you on the gameplay part. It's not very challenging and you don't spend very much time doing puzzles. I too had great expectations for this game. I like the characters though and I liked the ending of the act. Someone in the documentary said that the game would get harder as it progressed, so there is that to look forward to.
  4. If you use the space you should have a little bar that fills when you hold it and when the bar fills it skips the cutscene. have little message next to it that says hold to skip.
  5. I would prefer that the skip button not be bound to a button but instead to an item in that menu. This makes sure that there is no accidental skips, we don't want that. Also it gives you the ability to pause the scene for when inconsiderate people walk in, break your immersion, and start yapping their trap. People who want to skip won't have any problems finding it in the menu. Escape is the go to key for skipping cutscenes, it is also the goto key for you pause menu. So make it do both
  6. I've made a tile editor before and I was wondering how he got all of there features in there so quickly
  7. Edit: Alright, i missed the edit at the bottom and now I feel stupid... I was trying to help fix your problem
  8. I just beat it as well, now I am trying to get modified code to work, changed some room lua scripts but it made the rooms not playable. Not sure if they need to be in the pedestal or not to actually modify them. I'll keep poking until I get a desired result Love the game though. The puzzles were awesome and I love the art. I hope I get to see a full game someday.
  9. I was hoping that they would release it as well. I would definitely contribute. Love this game!
  10. Thanks guys! I never ventured to the left side of the castle after going in the tree, I just thought my game was broken. Now I have more to play!
  11. I hope you are reading this Tim. Make this game!... please. I will bake you cookies and will promise not to pirate it
  12. I restarted the game after getting stuck here and I could not get past it both times. So right after you hack your way through the castle to the court yard, you walk through the tree. Once I am in that room, I see 3 tree entrances to the north of the screen. To the east and west it looks like there are paths you can follow. When I walk to the tree entrances, there is no collision there and i walk to parts of the map I am not supposed to and it does not take me to a new room. Also when I try to go to the west and east paths, nothing happens. Anyone else getting this? Unfortunately I can't continue the game Great prototype though, I wish I got to see the rest. Brandon and his team did a great job, especially for their team size. I would totally buy the retail game
  13. Staying with my relatives, didn't have a proper mouse and was using my track pad. Hunted down a mouse and now it works Sorry about that. Time to play the game
  14. Just got the prototype and it looks really freaking sweet but when I walk with my character, I loose all camera control with the mouse (can't turn or look up or down). I can only do it when I stand still. I can't imagine this being a gameplay element. Haven't dived into the game yet because it's kind of annoying. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I will try to fix it on my end, it could just be me Congrats to Lee and his team, this game looks really cool and I'm sure it is a ton of fun!
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