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  1. I was playing Broken Age on my Apple TV, and near the end of Act 1, I wanted to change the spoken language in the settings. The game understandably wanted to download the new soundfiles pack, but during the download my connection dropped and the progress stopped.... for good!!! Now whenever I try to load the game, the same download screen comes up, with the error code 4101 (seen in the attached screenshot), and I cannot bypass this screen. I tried everything I can, to restart the Apple TV, to kill the game by swiping up from the multitasking window (double tap home button). The only thing I was afraid to try was to delete the app and reinstall... Where are the game saves kept? Is it stored remotely in the iCloud or Gamecenter? Am I screwed for good if I delete the game (which seems like my only option). Please help!!
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