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    -Illustrator and Storyboard Artist working in Berlin -Animator, Character- and Level-Designer of "Giana Sisters DS" for NDS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl-vRJuXK0A Pikomi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PikomiArt
  1. Thank you Tim and Team for this beautiful game. It was totally worth all the wait. The 2 days of playing (which i included in my family life) felt very magical. Like back in the old times. Story and Vision of the game are very special and a true piece of art. The artwork and music fit in perfectly. Thank you!!! +++Pikomi PS. Also thanks for bringing Grim Fandango to the iPad.
  2. Yes, that's it. I am very happy with the result. A very high quality game. Wonderful ideas. Very deep atmosphere. I love the main characters and the idea of their bizarre origins. Sheas attitude and voice is lovely. I want to stay more in this world. Brilliant Music and soundscape. The cinematics are fluid and have an expensive look and feel. They serve the story very well. Great job DF. Thank you very much for this great experience of characters, artwork and music. You have the Magic! (The game will feel very nice on the iPad.)
  3. I totally love the pose, attitude and costume of "G". And for the facial expressions and also for the very charismatic attitudes "M" and circled "O" are very, very cool and fit the character description. Thanks for this update. Cool stuff.
  4. Oh man. This Video makes me so happy. Thanks a lot to you guys for giving us this highly inspiring look into your working life. Awesome.
  5. Nice Don't forget to mention that Peter Chan did the Character Designs, the Cover Art and most of the incredible Ingame Artwork on Day of the Tentacle. I love that stuff. It's truly a great inspiration. Have fun designing you 4 awesome Artist Guys. Can't wait to see more cool stuff.
  6. Hi RitchiThai. Nice post. This poll is meant as a wishlist. Just to find out, who actually is aware of the topic of interactive music. Everyone should feel free to speak out his wishes for DFA in this forum. Let's not worry too much about how much work it means or how expensive this would be, that's the job of the Producer. But such a wishlist will maybe help the producer to figure out what the crowd wants, and helps him to decide. The poll right now already shows, that the topic attracts interest only for a handful of people. Every reader of this poll, who didn't vote anything does actually not care. So it's already quite a good information for the creators. (Sad for me though, cause i love iMuse) Hi Nathan. Cool and informative post. I am not bagging for a complete new invention of iMuse and actually i would be quite happy with a more simplified interactive music system. If you could to keep the spirit of iMuse in a more productive way, it would be cool for everyone. As many guys mentioned in this topic, it worked quite well in Monkey 2 SE and other games. If the music is rich and atmospheric and gives the player a little touch of interactivity, everything should be fine. Hi SurplusGamer. Totally cool article
  7. Hi. How important music is for an adventure game (or in games generally) is discussed in some other topics. There is no doubt, that DFA will have a very good and atmospheric music score. The creators have shown their feeling for good music in every game. But what about the old iMuse system used in Monkey 2, DOTT, Indy 4 and some other games? In my opinion iMuse made the big difference in game music. Every room or area had its own beautiful theme, that was harmonized with all rooms close to it. The transition between these themes was not only a smooth fade, it was a musically correct transition in terms of tempo, key and scale. It just felt right. In Monkey Island 2 it felt like an invisible "Woodtick Jazz Band" was playing for you, and you could conduct it by yourself. Sometimes in Monkey 2 i chose my walking ways by the music, and what tune i wanted to enjoy that time. The interactivity of iMuse showed up in the swamp area towards the Voodoo Lady in Monkey 2 very well. The closer you row your coffin towards the Lady the more instruments join the music. So you can row back and forth to design your tune. I actually played a lot with the music when i was tired of puzzles, just to relax a bit. Quite a cool side effect in an adventure game. Okay, i admit that maybe the music atmosphere could also be done without interactivity in a very good way. But i think iMuse lifted the experience up to a much higher level. So it's kind of interesting for me and maybe also for the DF Team, how many backers are interested in interactive music for their favorite game (even if it's not based on MIDI like iMuse)
  8. Awesome. Maybe soon it's time for: "Let’s brainstorm Characters together!"
  9. "The Secret of Monkey Island" EGA, this game made me want to create computer games myself. Thank you Ron, Tim, Steve and Michael (and everyone else involved) for designing such a cool and funny game, and for inspiring me till today.
  10. Hi Guys. Great looking and very funny stuff. With the attached piece of music its already got a very rich atmosphere. It already feels like a classic adventure game. But all the others said that already. One detail i love is the light switch in first indoor location, when the character enters the house. First you see the dark room and you hear the door closing, then the light switch goes on, then the character enters the screen. I think this is a great timing that gives a very subtle mood to the scene. It makes the room a little bit creepy and mysterious, like something in the room waits for you, a secret. It gives the player a look into the room before the Jack sees it. Maybe the player could discover something in the dark, which gets invisible when Jack switches the light on. At least for the introduction of locations these subtle timing effects are really cool. Well done. Have fun designing ;-)
  11. Hi Tim. Some more Ideas for Side locations: -An Art Gallery full of Fan Art of DFA (freshly stocked after the Beta Version was published). The game character could spot useful hints here. -The secret level of the Double Fine Buildung, a red glowing elevator leads down to it. Maybe here lays the source of all inspiration. But maybe its only the decadent lounge for all Kickstarter Backers, which enjoy cocktails and chicken sticks while watching and commenting the actual game on monitors. Since i saw a rocket in your sketches: -An old wooden ship with crew, which has been sucked into space by the incident. -A black hole, which turned friendly and goes now by the name Bright Shiny Hole. -An alien mindbending population which control all publishers on earth. -A very feminine shaped and colored landscape of the Planet Venus.
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