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  1. Oh boy this took a large chunk of my day. It started with the Psychonauts team and then... Yeah. Hope you like it! My only regret is that I drew Eddie while listening to orchestrated music. Edit: Uhh... Here's a little... larger...Picture link
  2. Doodles galore Okami Amaterasu Link the Wind Waker ( my favorite sketch out of the three here ) Raz the Psychonaut EDIT: one more
  3. The finished result. Gave up on the last stretch but it's finished now! Based on True Psychic Tales. Uh... Don't ask about the... Question up there.
  4. Double Fine! I hope you are having a lovely midnight in which you are probably asleep or awake like I am trying to finish something quick! Or about to pull an all nighter. Maybe you are just nocturnal. For whatever occasion it may be, I want to post a work in progress. Yes it's Psychonauts again, but this time I'm doing a tribute in comic form, also noting the popular True Psychic Tales series that our hero and many kids love to read. And I know it's just me, but I would love some dorky dinosaurs in the next game. We had the levitating velociraptors mentioned in game and I think it would be a brilliant idea.
  5. Who knows what bundles of UNRELEASED art they could have on it! Oh I would love something like this YES. And comments. Lots of commentary!
  6. Ford Cruller was top Psychonaut at one point.
  7. There's a reason I changed the title to this thread because I really want to post other stuff. Playing around with color and all on one layer. This is the main character that belongs to a major project of mine. Well, at least in my head. So uh... Should probably..... Keep Double Fine... Related to this post..... Nailed it.
  8. Another Psychonauts... Related.... Thing... Again, his helmet disappeared.
  9. Thanks for the comments. As for animation, oh jeeze, my dad has been bothering me to make animations for months now. I've tried animating before but I feel as if Flash is a little choppy and rough to control. I've heard about Photoshop animating and maybe trying that out would be better, but I guess animation might get me to that point? I was more on focusing of the details and design, but I'll try it out.
  10. Yes, I know it says "Psychonauts Fanart" in the title and not "Original Work," but I just finished this design that has been lurking in my head for a while now. For any workers in Game Design that happen to come across this forum topic, I'd like if you'd give me some pointers! I'm still in High School but I really want to focus on a career in Game Design (As I said before so I'm probably just repeating myself. And I'd like some advice. My dad wants me to start getting contacts and building upon my work from getting knowledge from others. Although I only have one original piece to showcase, feel free to give some critique. I admit, this concept isn't the most original in the world, but I digress: Now back to homework. This week hasn't been doing me good at all but I hope that it'll soon get better.
  11. Oh my god, this is FANTASTIC. I am loving the shape and clean detail used here and their expressions are perfect. I really don't know what else to say but WOW DANG THIS IS AWESOME.
  12. Well. I sure haven't been here in a long time. At all. Pardon me for intruding here again but I have some new stuff to show... I guess! Been working a little more on my art, here's some sketches that I really liked: Here's Ford Cruller And the cheerleaders, Clem and Crystal Now this design(If you call it that) of Raz is a mix between his ingame design and the Psychonauts uniform. But here's a Pyrokinesis full color piece! I don't have other stuff I'd really like to show, just this little sketch of Sasha So yeah! Just some stuff I wanted to place here, because, well, why not? I hope you enjoy them! I got more original stuff on my own sketchbooks and blog. Double Fine actually inspired me to study a little more about concept art and game design, and I want to go on that track for the future. For now, it's a slow and steady pace, but I hope that by the time I graduate and get into college I will have a lot more experience. Cheers!
  13. So I've heard many people compliment Psychonauts being "Burton-Esc...."
  14. Okay, I just love love love your 3D designs. In the future, I want to try out making 3D models. Perhaps you can share a little about how you make them? Sorry, I'm new to this subject and your creations are super amazing! Nice Stacking design by the way! Does look like something from the game itself!
  15. Ah yes hello again Double Fine Forums. Been checking out some of the other works, and might I say that the 3D models, pixels, and stunning artwork looks Amazing! I'm back to put another recent work, a rather Steampunk inspired designs for the Psychonauts characters. uwu~ Oh boy, if Tim Schafer ever... Well I think he pulled the Steampunk theme a bit with Stacking actually. BUT STILL! I bet if he were to make a level in Psychonauts of that theme the universe would explode and then come back together again. Not like it wouldn't explode at the sheer announcement of Psychonauts 2. http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/209/f/c/fc66d5bf7ea0ccb2995bb57a8ef4dd98-d58ygsk.png
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