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  1. your opponent always seems to be one step ahead of you...and has more troops then you despite the fact you started churning out troops the instant the game started and captures any geyser you happen to be near and then destroys your stage on they're first attempt....
  2. pretty much nobody who i chose seems right for the job it's usually a difficult fight
  3. well i tend to mix it up but iam trying to play The Drowning Doom For Awhile now and with them i usually start out with some gravediggers some frightwigs and a bride
  4. seriously a good portion of the game i play online first thing i do is try and round up a army to take a fan geyser but no the other guy just happened to pick the same fan geyser and he beats the living crap out of me and my army and by capturing that fan geyser he pretty much gains enough momentum to shut me down for the entire game....
  5. but i wish it was longer(didn't do most of the side missions except for the hunters kill record one) and Doviculus didn't seem to put up much of a fight(The First Stage Battle With Ophelia was more of a challenge) online play is empty as can be(really hard to even find one person) DLC is a possibility but i doubt it cause i don't think they would be able to get jack black to record new dialogue for it
  6. it seems impossible....the organists lightning rods and ratguts can be pretty annoying not to mention all the grave diggers in the way!!!!
  7. well what about when you get stuck on a level and just want to play some multiplayer to try and have some fun against other people
  8. i don't know if not enough people have the game yet are still playing the story or if everyone's just playing a different game but it's impossible to try and find a match it doesn't help that not many of my psn friends even have the game.... so iam forced to wait and wait and wait and hope someone actually joins me but that rarely happens
  9. Rocktober 13th is finally upon us....(gamestop doesn't open until 10:00 though and it's currently 6:39 am so i'll be waiting awhile)
  10. soon midnight will be upon us and rocktober 13th will finally be here!
  11. again since there's no midnight release for my area i gotta wait until tomorrow night to get my copy
  12. i don't think It'll be as zomg powerful as you think i mean from what i understand you guys probably think it's gonna be like Having a infinite rocket launcher in Resident Evil for the entire game
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