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  1. *signs* Woot! Now going for the Tainted Coil and Drowning Doom art.
  2. I got it as well on my first try. Wasn't very hard at all. (Jumping the Hextadon was tougher though, because I was having a hard time finding one).
  3. Yeah the avatars have minor differences when there's more than one (i.e. I saw one Eddie wearing a baseball cap).
  4. I would love to have a cinema and Legend viewer in the extras. After beating the Drowning Doom, and then promtly fighting Doviculus (which was awesome btw) I felt that they could have had an entire act where we fought the Tainted Coil in several stage battles (Freeing Bladehenge for example). But other then that, I loved Brutal Legend. I would definitely like to go back and play the chapters again (when it gets patched though, I don't want my 99% save file destroyed).
  5. I would like to see a patch to make sure Chapter Select doesn't ruin your save. (currently, if you select a level, you go back to whatever you had then, and it overwrites your save, erasing all of the progress you made) I think it would be better if you could replay a chapter with everything you have now (in your save file), and what you do in the replay doesn't save (of course, if you get concept art, that would still count). And maybe have a "Legend Viewer" in the Extras would be nice. I love watching the Legends, but I don't want to drive around hunting for them again. Also a viewer for the game's cinematics would be great too.
  6. No framerate problems on my 360 (I did not install it to the HD, if that helps).
  7. The Tainted Coil is my favorite faction.
  8. It appears there are 4 of each avatar, and everything is shared (units, fans, Load, etc) That's the one problem I see with 4v4 matchmaking, is everyone acting like ******* and fighting over who controls what. Much better to play with friends. Also comp stomp is fun (although I get annihilated on the harder difficulties).
  9. You have to go back to his outpost (south of the Iron Cross statue), and talk to him again. Had to figure this out by myself since the beacon disappears once I got the last Hextadon. You'll get the achievement and a little extra.
  10. Gods of Thunder from KISS instantly brought me back to the Halloween remake by Rob Zombie. It was awesome when I heard it come on.
  11. First spam a ton of low-level units (with at least a healer) and blitz the fan geysers. After you got most of the geysers, concentrate on research, then build upper tier units (might have to send some troops on a suicide run to reduce the Load), then get all of your troops and launch a sledgehammer blow on their stage (make sure to set your rally flag at the base, so reinforcements come immediately). And mercilessly spam your guitar powers (Face melter slaughters low-level units, while the Zeppelin attack wrecks bigger stuff). The above works for me. Just remember to be aggressive at all times and keep the enemy back on their heels. Never give them room to breathe.
  12. I would like to have more bots in AI battle (i.e. 3 on my team + 4 on enemy team). Maybe some more maps for mp.
  13. Drink some NyQuil. You'll sleep all night.
  14. Even if every single game site gave this game a zero, I'd still get it and enjoy the crap out of it! (and laugh maniacally as dozens of critics are fired)
  15. Yeah the 360 has a separate player that you can play on any 360 game. You can play stuff off the HD, a Zune or iPod, or my favorite, stream from your computer. I remember with the first Xbox, only a few games would let you play music off the HD (like Quantum Redshift and Counter Strike), and worse, you couldn't stream it!
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