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    Long time fan, two time backer, always in awe of the DA team and the creative adventures they take my brain on when I play their games.
  1. "My thoughts exactly! Which is why it's like a double tribute!
  2. Haha awww yeah that's where my avatar is from
  3. okay i just wanted to say the same ( the Avtar), at this point it becomes creepy. at least we seem to have kind of the same taste when it comes to art lol. Haha Lordofriva I know, right? It's as if it's staring deep into your soul... It also reminds me of Bobby's dance in psychonauts
  4. SO So sweet. I was a passive backer last time for Broken Age - watched all the vids, read the forums but never got too involved. I was strangely depressed when it finally came to the conclusion of the game and production. I think we've all missed those video updates and familiar faces of the DA crew and this time I'm going to get in on the action more and share my thoughts. So excited to be back in Double Fine land again for a new adventure!!
  5. Late to the party are we? Doublefine already released all the episodes on their Youtube channel yep my bad. I discovered that out shortly after I posted
  6. I think the documentary was valuable to us backers because we had updates as the game developed but now that it's almost finished I think it would be great if everyone could see the journey. I think the public need to understand the trials and tribulations of making a game. Before I backed this I had no idea about how games were made let alone one funded by kickstarter. I suggest that you release one episode for free as a teaser!
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