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  1. I think everyone going into backing this probably has a good idea on what the risk entails. I don't really understand why there are people getting upset over something that doesn't really affect the end product that Tim envisioned, which is a great adventure game experience. We know that he and his team has be consistent to delivering this with past titles so I don't see why we are doubting them now. After all, that is why we backed DF in the first place right? Because we trust them to deliver based on past records? Even if that trust is shaken, I think we should empathize as to what Tim and his Team is going thru. Firstly, I commend them for being forthcoming with us as this shows that Tim is genuinely and sincerely wanting to deliver to us what was promised, by hook or by crook. Secondly, they have more at stake, more to lose if they don't deliver. We lose a couple of hundred dollars which can make back again in our next pay cheque. He and his Team loses credibility forever. I think that is worse. Lets have a little more faith and root for the small independent game studio. This industry needs them for they are the ones that truly drives innovation. Sure they dun have a big bank vault full of money like some publishers do, but they do have heart. Have faith.
  2. The same as the above post. I am from Malaysia and speak English.
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