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  1. One of My favorite Costumes was when a couple of us dressed up in black with lampshades on our heads and a torch in hand. On halloween night (in the dark) down our road we would sneek up next to people and turn the torches on.
  2. I can see this failing miserably but nonetheless I will be trying this edit: That was easy . It's pretty awesome isn't it? you learnt that from the monkeys right?! i was going to say the same thing! another tip is to squish juicy fuits under your bottom lip to get the juice out, then you can discard the dry husks when your finished. or throw them at someone. what was this post about again?
  3. Imortal makes me think Elf. Elfs worship the 4 elements, mothernature, things like that. unless they have an evil witch queen with some kind of powerfull ring. OR Jim Morisson. In a dream.
  4. Achtung Cat Sounds like some kind of superhero! I be he helps get children safely accross the road.
  5. If you're referring to what I think you're referring to, it sounds like there will be a lumberjack in the game, but I doubt it'll be the Hipsterjack. (They can't possibly have a lumberjack without a hipsterjack in-joke reference, though. Right?) how can you have just a generic lumberjack though...
  6. Hipsterjack is SO over being in the game, man. He was in the game before there even was a game, but now it's gotten all mainstream with voice actors and plot and even a title. Plus, he heard Dialogue Tree got cut (pun explicitly intended) and he isn't about to let the man get away with that kind of injustice. Your hipster got very beatnik towards the end. I like it, though, so I won't narc on you. Also, voice cast is looking thoroughly primo. Very excited to see Horvitz in it, and Marek is one creepy-ass wolf. Hipster Lumberjack had to leave the game after one too many of Oliver's psychadelic bug tests. He's had to go into detox after that episode where his arm turned into a knife. Poor hipster :-( Excuse me. I'd like to refer you to the latest episode of the documentry (11). minute one. second twenty five. I'm not sure what it means in the game. but those words stuck with me. (and... discuss) EDIT: or are they just toying with my emotions? i really want to see the Dialog Tree again. ,
  7. Great side quest. I want to dust off the cartridges again... "look, the clocks!" reminds me of when i first played virtua racing. OMG a 3d polygon racing car!!!
  8. I thought that it was that minced/sliced raw meat! mmm tender raw meat. That's steak tartare my friend ;-) The dictionay describes her as an open sandwich with an elaborate filling... He must be Irish with a name like Shay Yes that's right, a piece of toast with any kind of topping is also considered a tartine. In my case specifically, my father referred to jam on toast as a "tartine". The topping need not be elaborate, it can be as simple as butter. Please excuse me, I'm French :-) And your English is better than mine... Electro Boy and Toast Girl then. Cool.
  9. It's not your views that are annoying people, it's the way you're saying it. You're being obnoxious and infantile, crying like a kid whose ice cream fell on the floor. Not only that but you're insulting people left right and centre, people who are busting their butts to produce a top quality product. If you can articulate your many disappointments in a rational and polite way, then maybe people will listen to you, if not then go and cry in the corner by yourself. Just tellin it like it is. A badly-run project is worth calling such. If that hurts your feels, by all means ignore me. ignore igsmore it's good to hear everyones opinion. everyones point of view. you're still looking forward to the game though right?
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