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  1. Massive thanks to you Tim and your amazing team and for all the blood, sweat and beards that have been given over to creating this awesome game!
  2. Because it's a PC game and PCs have keyboards. I get your point but it's kinda mute. This game is going to be on multiple devices not just pc.. On a PC yes you have a keyboard but as i stated its a point and click adventure game so its mostly if not completely running off a mouse driven system, so i just feel that why use the keyboard? During a cut scene the mouse commands are not doing anything anyway so why reach all over a keyboard, just right click. On a touch screen pc running windows 8 or linux and then a laptop track pad (so OSX for example), the default right click is two fingers on the device and this would then work great for portable touchscreen devices like tablets and phones.. Solve the problem in one foul swoop! two fingers tap on screen and skip and if mouse driven then right click. These would only work when in cutscene mode..! anyway my 2 pence worth..!
  3. hurry up guys i'm missing the excitement of watching the intro to the episode with that awesome music (yes i know its on sound cloud but it just fits that opening so well) knowing that im going to see how things have progressed...
  4. As this is a point and click adventure why use a keyboard???? Star wars the old republic just lets you click the right mouse button to skip..
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