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  1. I just replayed the game in German. It's actually called "Stuhlexemplare" in the game … Has DF changed it? Was it "Stuhlproben" before? If so, why did they change it? I mean … what a wasted opportunity to translate the joke with the ambiguity maintained intact! No one says "Stuhlexemplare" over here. I also noticed, there's a comma missing when Brommel speaks. He says "Dann kämpfe Mädchen!" but it should be "Dann kämpfe, Mädchen!"
  2. Click to select, hold to examine …? Or yeah, right click. That's a good option, too. I also like Wildax' suggestion of asking the player.
  3. I see. Didn't realize that you could reach the temple without having the peach. … How odd to keep a past "grand area" activated entirely just for one item. I admit that F'ther's line(s) when you first return made me chuckle but I think his lines are the only ones that change. Yes, I've finished the game. And the dialog-exiting thing: yeah sure, the cursor changes. But … irrelephant! I'm a fast clicker when I'm enjoying a game. And this ruins my enjoyment. Especially when I know that this could be fixed with a minor tweak.
  4. Don't know if this is really a bug but after reaching the temple with Vella, you can backtrack all the way up to the Cloud Colony. At first, I thought "Hey cool, maybe they've hidden a few funny gags up there. Or maybe I have to go up in order to solve the puzzle I'm currently on." But then, when I had browsed all the empty dialog trees (or, well, without any new lines), I realized that this was just wasted play-time. Maybe it's fixed by now – I haven't played it for three or more days. … Or maybe it's intended? — Btw, on the subject of dialog trees: it happened to me several times that I wanted to pick the top-most choice/answer but missed it by a few pixels which the game registered as an exit click, so the conversation often ended prematurely. I found that quite annoying. There should be more neutral space between answer #1 and the exit area.
  5. Hi, I have a small note to add to the inventory which I haven't seen mentioned by someone else before. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post. I did find this thread but somehow this "Broken Age Bugs and Feedback" subforum right here seems … more official …? Anyway, while playing the game it happened multiple times that I tried to open the inventory by moving the mouse cursor to the bottom edge of the screen. Then I remembered that opening the inventory has to be done rather in the lower left corner. Given that the inventory bar slides up from the edge to show and down into the edge to hide, I find it very intuitive to just use the edge. Didn't anyone else have that irk to go straight down?
  6. I eagerly played three times the suggested price for the soundtrack and I'm loving every single track of it. I regret nothing! ;^D
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