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  1. Man I loved that game...was the better one of the series....I remember being very proud to finish that game without any kind of help. (it was hard)
  2. +1 Dota stream....I'm too addicted to this game
  3. I guess for me religion isn't that important as the mithology/reason for the demonic invasion
  4. I don't think double fine wants to kickstart DLC insted, if they make some good tools, they can produce expansions pretty cheap.
  5. I think it should be like Dark Souls where every action is irreversible with all the grief/tension that follows
  6. But if you feel that you dont have a reason to give more money, there is a simple answer...don't . If they put another reward that appeals more to you then go for it. (or suggest something that would)
  7. Here is an idea: Why not build massive chalice with a modular perspective in which the game could be (after release) made bigger by new scenarios either by double fine or release a tool for user creation. This would give more funds to double fine by selling their "DLC" and keep the interest and playability of the game for a long time. Of course we still dont know anything about the game itself, and if it is possible or not within the engine and technology but that would be great (or not ). What do you think? An immortal king I think has time for more than one crisis
  8. Did anybody read this old article about the death of adventure games? I think Erik Wolpaw wrote it http://www.oldmanmurray.com/features/77.html
  9. And another thing...when in dialog trees (never gonna look at a dialog tree the same way ) do you like the character to say exacly what you chose or to surprise you in the way he chooses to interpret your choice? I love to be surprised
  10. I agree that it's not the real solution to the problem...but the reality is that in almost every adventure game that I played there is a point were I'm stuck because I didn't find the right spot on the screen to click...which unfortunately leeds me on a alt+tab to the internet (don't have the time or the patience to pixel hunt), with that function at least I know if I missed something. I did play book of unwritten tales to completion without walkthroughs but using the spacebar all the time. But I guess it would be better if we didn't need those functions...
  11. Those are both problems. Getting hints for interactive areas is a cheaptastic way to avoid pixel hunting, and pixel hunting is due to the player being stuck. This of course splits when you ask "Why?"... Is it the players fault, or bad design? Open a well stocked fridge and look for things to make a sandwich with. This is a puzzle, how are you solving it? The problem here I think is that there isn't total interaction with all the objects on screen, some you can interact others are just there for show. This results in you trying to figure out exactly which parts of the screen you can click and which you don't...pixel hunting. So I think the spacebar function is a great help.
  12. I've been playing some new adventure games and some old ones too and there is (for me) some things that make me continue playing and some things that make me stop... Works I love the spacebar function that pops all interactive spots on the screen (No more pixel-hunting) The standard interface works (left click to interact, right click to look) The story doesnt Work Personaly if an adventure game starts adding tons of locations and characters at once I usually start to loose interest and sometimes turn off the game altogether (if the story hasnt hooked me yet) Bad voice acting (it can really screw up a game) The story Thoughts?
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