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  1. does anyone know when to expect the final episode? love
  2. my key was actually in the spam section of my email account. maybe thats where all the keys went. anyways. what i wanted to say (sorry for the bad english): thank you all very very much for the great experience. i didnt have time to play the second act yet but im really looking forward to it and i enjoyed every minute of the first one. i saw quite some negative reactions from non backers on the internet. please, please, please dont let it get to you. the lesson to be learned might be, not to be as open and transparent as youve been, but that would be wrong. i love the game and the documentary and it was great so see all the passion and talent involved. i am looking forward to all upcoming double fine games and if there is going to be another kickstarter, count me in. i hope to see another adventure game from tim at some point. you did something very special and i am honestly glad to be a - even though passive - part of your way. stupid people are always the loudest. but there are so much more people out there who love what you do and never wright or speak out loud. so this is my second post in this forum in the last 3 years and i guess now im gonna be quiet again. thank you very much for a great game, a great documentary and some great articles in this forum! congratulations to everyone involved. best invested money ever. sincerely, fabian
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