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  1. My one and only grief about this game. because i think it is a great game. -Is it possible to skip the non character specific levels? Like the mining level. I completed the game yesterday and today i want to try with some new characters. I don't think there is enough difference in the puzzle solving/gameplay to justify going through the same level i went through yesterday. So how do i get to the character specific levels without sitting through the parts I've already played?
  2. Another important point that Phil makes is that too many adventure games. As well as RPG's. start you off with nothing to do. Most recently I've experienced this in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (aside from the absurd prologue). This is also somewhat true in DOTT. Why should i interact with this new world, when I/The protagonist haven't been given anything to do/an immediate goal? It's an important motor in storytelling, and so many adventure-type games gets it wrong! I am not talking about starting the game with: -"Rescue the princess, GO!". But rather put me to work on a simple/basic task and let me discover, the interface, the bigger objectives and the world as I go along. Beneath a steel sky and Lure of the temptress are examples of games that gets this right! *Edited to make more sense*
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