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  1. I went ahead and rigged and posed him in Maya to give him a bit more life and character (not that Bobby doesn't have enough character in his design anyway, haha).
  2. Thanks for the compliment! This one really didn't require much as far as modeling goes. I'd say I had the model done in about 5 minutes, and the unwrap done in another 5. Most of the time fore this guy was spent painting his diffuse or color map. I'd suggest doing something similar to this to get a taste of the general workflow if you've already got some experience in 2D art. There are a lot of programs you can choose from, but I would stay more towards Maya and 3DS Max if you have access to them. Blender is a free option you could try, but it has a very steep learning curve...I wasn't a fan, but then again the first thing I modeled was Clank (as in Rachet and Clank) in a program called Rhinoceros 3D which is a meant more for architecture and engineering stuff. If you want to try working on a project of your own, feel free to pm me with any questions you might have.
  3. Thanks! I love the visual style of this game! This is probably the most fun texture work I've done in a while.
  4. Hey Guys, I decided to do one of the Russian nesting dolls from Stacking; here was the result: I've also got a turn around of the green vested one:
  5. Thanks, Dave! Oh man...if I get the chance, I gotta get around to Mr. Pokeylope as well. Thanks Acefox! Haha, yeah, the added detail really helps bring out the creep factor.
  6. I finally got the chance to "finish" Linda's sculpt. I'd like to do a lot more to it, but I don't really have the time right now. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks! The best advice I can give for someone who wants to get into this sort of thing is to study anatomy and lighting like crazy. You don''t really need to bother learning the names of any of the muscle forms or anything like that for any reason other than communication, so at this point, it's more important that you know what it looks like rather than what it's called. I always have an anatomy book next to me when I work. One thing art professors will tell you time and time again is that you can't create fake anatomy until you know the real stuff. So as long as you have a good understanding of how muscle forms flow, and how light falls on it, you should be golden. Also, if you want to try out some sculpting stuff, but don't want to shell out the money for ZBrush, one other legal route you can take is to download Sculptris, which was also made by Pixologic, but is completely free.
  8. mfrederick.art

    3d Raz

    Awesome work! It has a great concept art sort of style. Did you use a particular shader to get the outlined look, or was that something you added in post?
  9. Thanks Koco! Check it out! I've still got a lot to do, including but not limited to adding teeth and fins, and finishing up the arms and legs...which look pretty much how they did after I turned the zspheres into a skin...but here it is!
  10. Oh man! Thanks! Bobby was amazingly fun to work on. Linda would be a blast, that's a great idea, Dave. I think I know what I'll be working on next, haha. By the way, you sir are amazing!
  11. Thanks guys! Haha, yeah, he's definitely a creepy dude, I think it doesn't help that I haven't posed him yet so he kinda looks like he wants to suck out your soul . He's even creepier without his shirt, lol:
  12. Hey Everyone! I wish I knew about this forum earlier, this place is awesome! I've always wondered what Psychonauts might look like if there was ever a next-gen sequel or remake, so I decided to make one of the characters myself. Here is my 3D fan art of Bobby Zilch:
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