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    Not much to say. I basically grew up between games and now I'm on my way to become a game developper myself. I'm still pretty young, though I've always had trouble with hanging out with people who're my own age. I'm more comfortable amongst somewhat older people because of it.
  1. Hello all With the great news of Brüttal Legend coming to PC, it got me thinking regarding the 'popularity' on other platforms. It's been 4 years since the game was released on both Xbox and PS3. Like most games, as time passes the playerbase dies down to a handful of loyal fans continuing to enjoy the game. I have little doubt that one of the greatest games ever created will gain massive attention on PC, but why shouldn't the console players be allowed to get part of that revival? This is when cross-console gameplay comes in question. Portal 2 has already proven it is very possible to have a cross-console game (between PC and PS3 for anyone curious), so while the game is still in BETA, why not consider opening the very same doors to both PC to PS3 and PC to Xbox? PS3 to Xbox is something I don't see happening in a hundred years, even through a medium like a PC, but other than that, the other options seem fairly possible. I'm not a master when it comes to these things (I'm definitely expecting 95% of the comments here to be arguments that make mince meat of this idea). Through this, the Brütal Legend playerbase can be much larger and even revived for consoles. Even so, I'm tempted (oh what am I saying, obviously I'm going ) to buy this game again for PC. Just because of the new playerbase which will also be much larger. I think Sony will likely be more open to this idea than Microsoft, however, with Games For Windows LIVE and Steam being somehow able to cooperate, as well as Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows LIVE, I do see a sprinkle of hope. So, commence the mincing of the meat!
  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! This guy has some great ideas! I think to many people dont "get it" when it comes to what would make a kickass faction in a metal themed world. I am buy no means the biggest metalhead in the world, but this guy gets it! Also, of course a simple classic rock type faction led by Fleetus and of course a Hair Metal Faction lead my LionWhyte. Hehe, thanks. Plenty of ideas but still lacking the skills to actually create a product out of them. Even got a potential storyline for Brütal Legend 2 in my head. All I need is a chance (and so does Double Fine, I heard a lot of stuff was going on about Brütal Legend regarding lawsuits and whatnot)
  3. I might have some ideas, but is there a thread where I can read all the stuff tha has already been submitted? It would be pointless to start submitting stuff tha's already been submitted before...
  4. Faction Name: ROCKSLIDE Description: An ancient race of Dwarves that worship the Gods of Rock deep underground, and aided the Titans in the old days. When Doviculus started to terror the lands, the Dwarves went underground and continued their existence. Now, they've reached for the surface once more! The neutral Dwarves keep to themselves, only attacking when attacked themselves. They're more of a neutral faction. Leader (avatar): Anvile Chainbeard, a dwarf with metal chains for a bead. Leader Weapon: Anvil on a stick, used as a mighty hammer. Leader Instrument: Stone drums shoot out of the ground, allowing Anvile to play on them for solos or ranged attacks. A nice change from the guitars no? Leader vehicle: Car based on a minecart Stage Battles: Rockslide focusses more on defence before striking back. Leader Solo's (not including the basic ones every faction has) -QUARRY TRAP: Locks enemy Avatr for quite a long while, disabling his solos and attacks, but Avatar can't be harmed while in the trap. -IRON CLASH: A mighty smash on an Anvil strengthens the troops' attack and defence. Lower ranked enemy units will be stunned. -ROCK AVALANCHE: Create a mighty rockslide that damages enemy units and creates a barrier that has to be destroyed for enemy units to pass. Friendly units can walk through it. -SPIRE-MITE: Creates a deadly minefield. Enemy units passing through will be impaled on earthen spires shooting out of the ground. -ROCK-SOLID: Drops a massive boulder on the enemy stage, preventing unit production for a medium amount of time. Stage receives reduced damage though. -HEAT CRATER: Engulves your stage in Lava, setting surrounding enemies on fire and increasing unit production speed. -THOR'S THREAT: Pleases the Titan of Thunder with an awesome solo to make him strike an area constantly with mighty thunderstrikes! Enemy characters that are hit will be thrown in the air and stunned afterwards. -MINIMIZE: Get the enemy down on your level by shrinking nearby, non-upgraded enemy units to very short measurements. Simply walking over them causes damage, and they have reduced armour and damage. -PILAGE: Ancient viking solo. Friendly units affected by the solo will produce small amounts of fans when killing enemy units. Moderate fans are generated when defeating a Fan Leech or destroying an enemy Merchandise Booth. -WALHALLA (*): Summons a Glyph with runes. Infantry sent to the glyph will be sacrificed. When the total value of sacrificed units is high enough (value being the fan cost), the mighty Viking Titan is summoned to the Glyph. * Only useable after Viking Titan Unit is purchased. UNITS -MINING MILITIA: Dwarves armed with two pickaxes. Basic Infantry. Cheap and weak, but you get many. DOUBLE TEAM: Anvile picks one up and throws the Militia with a spin. The Militia has his arms stretched, and the rotation makes him a like a rolling wheel of pickaxe stabbing justice! - TOSSERS: Mighty Dwarves with massive arm power, throwing heavy anvils at enemy units. Basic ranged infantry. Cheap and weak but you get many. DOUBLETEAM: Anvile gets picked up and thrown. As he lands he smashed the ground with his Anvil Hammer, causing small boulders to fall from the sky, dealing moderate damage to surrounding units. -BLACKSMITE: Rideable furnace that pours hot lava on enemies. Anti-Infantry vehicle. DOUBLE TEAM: Anvile mounts the furnace and shoots streams of lava instead of simply pouring it. Increased damage. - TN-TROUBLE: Dwarven miners using TNT for digging caverns and throws boxes of it at structures. Anti-Building infantry. DOUBLE TEAM: Anvile gathers up to 4 TN-Troubles around him. Pressing A/X will make the group do a charge in the direction Anvile is facing. Upon contact with an enemy, causes a massive explosion. Deals minor damage to Anvile and the TN-Troubles, but massive damage in the area of the explosion. The more TN-Troubles used, the bigger the explosion and damage. -STEAM BOAR: A machine boar of Dwarven engineering that breathes hot steam at enemies from a distance and engulves itself and friendly units near it in a shrouding fog. General Purpose ranged vehicle. Nearby units and Steam Boar are invisible unless very close. DOUBLE TEAM: Anvile rides the Steam Boar, smashing weaker enemy units as it walks. Pressing A/X causes the boar to buck; creating hot geysers that damages enemy units. -CATAPUNCH: A Dwarven siege vehicle that fires huge stone fists. Anti-Building Vehicle. DOUBLE TEAM: Anvile enters the stone fist and can decide where it is launched. Once the fist hits the ground, Anvile can move it like a hamster in a ball, crushing enemy units. -GOLEM: An Earthen Creature that can only be tamed by pure Rock. Anti-Vehicle Infantry. SLow but strong with high defence. DOUBLE TEAM: Anivle stands on the Golem's Shoulder. Anvile can lock on to enemies and press A/X to make the Golem pick up giant boulders and throw it at the locked enemy. -ROCK TROLL: Hideous creature with a bag over it's head that's a master at finding food. Heals nearby units and deals medium damage. Healing infantry. DOUBLE TEAM: Anvile sits on the Rock Troll's head and can target enemy units. Pressing X/A will cause Anvile to quickly remove the bag, turning the targeted unit to stone. Higher level units and avatars take moderate damage and are temporariliy frozen. Long cooldown. Healing effects are enhanced during double team. - VIKING TITAN: Summoned from the inner circles of the Metal Gods. Untimate Rockslide unit armed with mighty sword and axe. Good against all. Major increase in nearby friendly units' defence. Moderate buff for damage. Costs no fans but requires sacrifice of units after playing the Walhalla Solo. DOUBLE TEAM: Anvile meges with the Titan, controlling it and allowing the player to target and attack using sword and axe. Enhanced buffs during double team. There you go! All new faction, units and everything. I'm going to study game development so tell me what you think Also Tim, on the offchance you ever read this, use it for "you know what game title I mean" 2...
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