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  1. Stopping the wine elevator in year 2. Cheated on that. I have trouble doing that puzzle, even when I know the solution
  2. Awesome! I tried to do that every time. Seems like a great patch overall.
  3. This is an extremely effective strategy against Wrinklers in my experience. I love Wrinklers. The concept is just so scary, and it's pretty scary mechanically as well.
  4. I agree strongly with this. At the very least let me feel like I can diminish the bad effects by picking the "right" choise, and getting lucky with it. I'm not sure if I just got unlucky, but it seems to me that there are many more bad consequenses than good. And it seems like the bad consequenses are more meaningful than the good. That makes me want for events to not happen, which is sad. I think we need more exciting good consequenses. The one above about a hero, getting immortal (or just really old), seems like a good exaple of a very meaningful good consequense. I love the running joke about putting everything in the chalice. It's one of those things that almost gets funnier every time.
  5. Oh yeah, that sounds cool. I can see removing the regent affecting game balance too much, but in some edge cases I think the current system really sucks. Maybe allow to take them off the thorne when they reach a certain age?
  6. Heh, my girlfriend were complaining the hole time I was playing tactical battles yesterday. "Was is that game? It sounds horrible." I don't fully agree with her, but it could use a bit of work. I would really like the hybrid classes to make it in. (Does anyone kniow if that's still happening?) Yes!
  7. What if adoptions were kept as they are (kind like the way it works). But a new chalice power called "MASSIVE INSEMINATION" (ok, maybe not that name), were introduced. This could be cheaper, and have no deminishing returns, but have a change to do nothing. Hm, I guess the guys would still be kind screwed.
  8. when i feed it it gave me ostrich vision. i don't like how random this is sounding to be honest, i feel like you should always get the same outcome for choosing the same thing for most of these random events, because generally i am getting the feeling that they are mostly loose loose, and i bet they will probably be modded out for being to unfair by a lot of people. Yeah, it sometimes seems like they are negative most of the time. Maybe I just got really unlucky? I like the one where two of your characters desides to have a child on their own. Does a great job of making the world more real. I would love there to be as many events as possible. In FTL, I quickly got kinda bored with the events, because they repeat a lot. Also, you quicly learn all the outcomes from playing a bit. It would be cool, if there were enough event, that you could enforce the same ones not happening twice on one playthorugh.
  9. Don't worry they're aware of this one and how much of a bummer it can be, they were talking about it on a stream the other day... They have a few thoughts of how to tackle it. Sweet! Thanks for telling me
  10. I loove the game so far! I'm terrible at it, but I'm actually really excited about it. A funny thing happend on my first playthrough: I got really bored, really fast. I though the game seemed very grindy, and had way too many tactical battles, compared to what I though was the good part. (Also, my saves got corrupted). After two hours I was certain I would never play the game again. But - then I did anyway. It tuned out that the game got better on my second playthrough. I not quite sure what happend, but as I already said: I love the game, and I feel like it only gets better the more I play it. I do have few complaints, though: MASSIVE complaint: I hate hunting for the last Cadence on a map. One time, I spend 10 minutes looking around a map for 3 Seeds, that were hiding. That is NOT fun. Often it's not a problem, but those 1/5 times when it is, it really sucks. Minor complaints: - When I miss an enemy the camera takes control and pans to the enemy, which (most of the time), I'm already looking at. Feels disruptive and weird, especially, when the enemy is already on my current screen. - Please die, mom (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15358/) This one deserved it's own topic - I feel like there could be a few more research options in the beginning. Maybe I'm just not good enough at utilizing the once I have, but I sometimes feel, like there's nothing on the list I REALLY want. Just going for a hero or a keep, because, "I might as well", doesn't feel that fun. - The intro cinematic is confusing (love the actors, though). It looks kind bad to me when the chalice speaks. - Do you ever see an "auto resolve battle" feature happening? As much as I love the battles now, sometimes I just don't feel like doing another one, and the strategy part is the best part to me. That's what I can think of for now. Keep up the awesome work If this gets the beta-time it deserves, it could end up being one of my favorites.
  11. So, at the beginning of my current playthrough, I appointed my best Caberjack, Sarah Clemensen (she was level 2), to the first keep. She was young, fertile, had good stats and experience. And for a while everything seemed good. She had a few children, all of which quickly grew up to be stronger and more experienced than her in almost every way. This wasn't THAT much of a problem in the begning, but after some time Sarah got old, and completely stopped having children. She was also still level 2. Now all of Sarah's (much more powerful) children were growing old, and Sarah simply refused to die (she outlived two husbands). When Sarah finally died, her children were almost too old to have children themself (the children never had a single granchild before dying, I had to adopt one, despite thier mates being very fertile). In the end the once powerful line, almost died out. ---- Since Brad were concerned with humanising the characters, I think it's kinda gross that the current mechanics can make me wish for a faithful character to just die already. I think it would be cool to have some kind of retire-completely option (same gameplay result as death). Put them in a home or something? It's better than whising for thier death, right?
  12. Awesome. I love that you are taking this approach. Agreed! I feel like this ability is neither very sastisfing or useful. Not sure if I'm just terrible and it's actually a good ability, but it definitly doen't feel exciting compared to the other two level 2 abilities. I think tanking in the beginning of the game feels kind bad, because you don't really want any of your heroes to be hit by those Lapses and Wrinklers, right? Doesn't really matter how tough they are.
  13. As cool as Peter Chan's concept art is, I for one actually wouldn't want the characters to look like that. I played the game for many years before ever seeing those concepts, so for me the "correct" versions are those from the game. Improved resolution, textures and lighting is actually about what I was hoping for. The screenshots you guys have been posting looks really promising to me.
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