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  1. Spoilers in the entire post below: I think there's a good reason for the specific alley example: What is the main character trying to remember? The look of the skyline. It doesn't really make sence for him to look at (think about) a part of the sceen that doesn't include the skyline, and then remember how it looks. The ally scene doesn't really equate to pixel hunting, because the location where you have to use the photo is the location where the photo covers the actual mural exactly. It's more about figuring it out, than just trying to find the right spot. I think the whole dream-logic would probably have to be tutorialised (or just set in context more clearly) in a full game, because it's a bit hard to get used to, but it really does make sense. I think taking those element away from the game (by for example make the spots all light up) would actually hurt the concept a lot. Edit: my lack of english skills are really making this difficult to express.
  2. The launcher works for me now.
  3. Anyone combine it with the wrench?!! Awesome! Haha!, that's the best easter egg ever.
  4. SimonCle

    Help? (spoiler)

    Spoiler Hint 1: ***Don't think of it as a lamp, think of it as lights.**** Hint 2: ***Use it in the car scene.****
  5. Spoiler: ****Follow the smoke (not from the house)****
  6. The game I enjoyed the most was Mnemonic, but I voted for Dear Leader, since I think that's the game showing the most promise turing into a good full game. Edit: Honerstly if Dear Leader, Mnemonic and Steed were made into full games, I would buy all of those. I think the concept of Best Buds was kinda played out in the prototype, but then I'm not really a huge fan of the humor.
  7. Loved the looks! Especially the horse idle animations (and obviously the grass) were really impressive to me. I REALLY like the feel of the left-click-then-right-click combat. It was a shame that the AOE attack always seemed better/easier in situations where you could effectively use it, though.
  8. Heh This happend to me too. The game was awesome though. Will probably play this several more times. Shows a lot of potential.
  9. This game is awesome! It took me a while to get though, but I never really got frustreted, since the the atmosfere is really engaging. It's almost baffeling how well this concept works with the adventure game genre. There something about being close to figure out the solution to a puzzle, and the feeeling of not remebering, that fits really well together. I would have paid for this as a finished indie game. Edit: The controls could use some work, though. I think a lot of the clunkyness comes from having to do two things at once when using an inventory item (hold rightclick and scroll). Maybe a classic adventure game inventory would work better? Or maybe Grim Fandango-style key to get item, then another key to put it back? Also, it would be cool if you were able to look at things like the picture, without holding a button. Picking up the newspapers, note and stuff (in a second inventory) could also be nice for a full game. Edit2: As others have mentioned: My Steam verison cannot run, I had to use the humble download. If you leave the car-scene and come back, you can grab the picture as many times as you repeat.
  10. The Neigsers, short for "The Neigh-sayers" as someone in twitch-chat suggested
  11. Those are amazing! I like how we also have music for two of them
  12. Sounds good! I'm sure these will add a lot to the game. Do you know what music Derek used in the pitch video?
  13. This is not just about a later release date. Longer development also means more money. I'd love a longer game, but it's pretty good as is.
  14. I didn't get the peach from the cloud colony, so I spend a long time trying to get an apple from the snake
  15. Not sure if it relevant to the discussion, but I love the new "click interaction" style. Still not a very good input method for PC, but way better than before. I do think that the options menu could do with some tooltips, though. Click and interaction doesn't really say much, untill you try it out, and I guess that might prevent some from even clicking the option.
  16. Lol, when I figured out the Riddle of Yorn, I was so sure that I had to get an apple from the snake, that I got stuck on it for 15 minutes
  17. There's just really no dening, it's an awesome apple.
  18. Honerstly I think drawing and animating the snake/hornblowing was waaay more work than redrawing part of the background. And yeah, Shay will probably have to figure it out. On topic: I loved the ending, and the realization that Shay's stupid mini-game tied into Vellas story. I didn't like being stuck on the Riddle of Yorn part. I figured out the answer, but I just could not figure out where to get a damn fruit.
  19. No-no, I would drag my mouse to the button left of the screen (without clicking), to open the inventory. Then I would click the key. then clik it on different stuff I want to use it on. Then I would right click to go back to normal curser (or it would automaticly go back if I clicked the right thing). That and you don't have to choose the item 2 times to use it on two differnt things.
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