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  1. Right click to inspect item, single left click to use it on something.
  2. I'd love to be completely positive, but the interface bug me to much to jump on that. I don't think the current interface was a well thought out design choise for PC. I think it was made to be easiely convertable to touchscreens. Apart from that: I like it the way it is. Love it in fact.
  3. I don't know? Why excatly did Marrik want to catch them? Is he as clueless as Shay, or is something going on? Are they like, fuel for the spaceship? But, the ending was awesome! I hated the "pick up monsters"-mini game, until the ending. On my second playthrough I loved it
  4. I feel pretty sure that we are going to revisit those locations as Vella. I think the problem there, is the splitting up of the game. Remember when you went back to Rubacava and El Marrow in Girm Fandango? That was awesome. But still, I guess there were some wasted potential in those mission rooms, and I had the same feeling as you.
  5. 100% agree on this point. I think the controls are pretty damn bad for PC. I never really (through my 5 hour playthough) got used to the stupid drag and drop inventory, and the right-click to inspect item. The rest of you points, though, I disagree with. While the game was not a completely old-school adventure. What excatly is that anyway? Monkey Island (1/2), Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Girm Fandango were all really very different games, which each evolved the genre in their own way. Broken age is the same, only the time difference is a lot longer. A larger change is natural. Overall I think Broken Age is a really good modern classic adventure. [Edit] Typo
  6. Yeah, Moms personality is programmed from someone just like Vella, and the Dead-eye guy has a story very similar to Shays. Either there's some time traveling, or time is repeating itself. Maybe we have to break the routine again?
  7. How about a plant that bears small cow, sheep and pig fruits?
  8. I think I agree with you. As much as I usually enjoy customization, I think determining it by "genes" and not by picks, seems cooler for this game. If there's bugdet for this kinda thing, it'd be cool to see some similarity between fathers and son, and whatnot, but picking it seems counter-productive for the family theme.
  9. Something alway fasinated me about the norse god Mímír http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mímír He was basically a decapitated god of wisdom being carried around by the king of Asgaard, Odin. Seems fitting for this, and might even cross over to the "Council of 'Dead' Rulers"-thing. Everytime you lose, the deamons could decapitate your Immortal Ruler, and leave him on the floor for the next one. Who better to advise you than the past failure(s)? Also, if I remeber correctly, Odin gave up one of his eyes to drink from Mímír's "well of wisdom". @honeymaker: I love the idea of The Ruler's immortality being acquired by drinking from the Massive Chalice. Great way to justify the name of the game, and inccedentily fits well with the Mímír thing. [EDIT]: Alternatively, the advisor could be an enemy deamon (king), trying to corrupt the Immortal Ruler. He'd be an advisor in the sense that you should always do the opposite of what he says. Might be a nice way to put a non-face on the enemy. [EDIT2]: One idea that seemed funny to me, would be to have an entire library of past Immortal Ruler heads, all talking over each other, fighting for attention. Kinda like the Futurama head museum:
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