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  1. Have you bought Humble Double Fine Bundle? Yes i did....i think...i was a slacker backer. Does it have anything to do with the fact that i opened my humble bundle at work on a different computer. When i did this there was Broken Age in my libary. I clicked it but nothing happend....and now it's gone!!!
  2. This was the trick for me. I'm a slacker backer. 41min into Shay's story currently . No e-mail so far. How do scroll down??? It is impossible there is nothing to scroll down. Fuck this shit!!
  3. Okay one question, This morning at work i made a Humble Bundle account. And there it was Broken Age. I clicked on it but not much happened. So when i got home i tried it again but it wasn't there anymore. Clicked the + several times but still nothing. Tried to get the key by having them send me an email. They say they don't have my email adress on file or whatever. It is the correct email....WTF am i doing wrong!!!!!
  4. Thanks for reply's .......I have calmed down....a bit. Come on already it's almost wednesday!!!
  5. PLEASE HELP. How do i download this? I signed up for Humble bundle and i have also downloaded Steam. How do i download Broken Age. PLEASE HELP Pieter The Netherlands
  6. Once i noticed he said 'like' every two seconds i couldnt watch any more....sorry.
  7. We're up to about 4,800. Not bad! How will this 72K be used. I'm guessing that the financial planning is already done. So what's happening with the "extra" money?
  8. I always like adventure games who have references to other games, movies or tv-shows in them. Especially when there from a completely different era. I hope they put a lot of them in this game. Wich is your favorite reference in a adventure game (or any other game)? Mine are all the Indiana Jones references in MI 1 + 2
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