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  1. I was very pleased to see your games come to Desura, and since I have already bought all of the titles that are available there either through Humble Indie Bundle V or through the Humble Double Fine Bundle, I was wondering if you could supply me with some Desura keys for the games. You already do this for Steam, and I know that the Humble Bundle infrastructure at least supported Desura in the past - if you could make this happen I would be very grateful, because then I could take advantage of Desura to keep them updated and manage my Double Fine library without having the games tied to Steam. At any rate, thanks for releasing for DRM free games in the first place and for releasing them on Desura.
  2. Thank you for taking my comments seriously and giving a timely reply. I appreciate it and wish you the best of luck in improving things in the future.
  3. I just finished playing Psychonauts tonight using the Linux port released with Humble Indie Bundle, and I have a few questions and remarks I would like to make known. First off, are the problems still plaguing the Linux (and I assume Mac) versions of the game ever going to be fixed? Ones that I can mention are the fact that the in-game displays are intermittent (so for instance, the health bar will not update or display properly), the fact that certain effects (such as the fuzz when you use the bacon, use the smelling salts, or pick up a brain) persists until you either restart the game or change the map, and the just generally poor 3D performance (especially in certain parts such as Lungfishopolis or in the camp itself). And before anyone asks, yes I have reported these problems to the icculus bugzilla. Second, assuming you can get these bugs fixed, where do you plan to sell the Linux version of the game? I know you are going to release it on Steam which is good, but have you considered putting the game on several other less controversial services such as Desura or Gameolith? I personally refuse to use Steam due to concerns over the DRM and would love to see the game show up on Desura (the game is not tied to Steam as the HIB and GoG releases show, so I do not understand why this would be a problem). I must admit at the moment to not being completely satisfied with the state of things when it comes to Psychonauts on Linux. Do not get me wrong here, I am happy that you are showing the interest and I am grateful for the work that has already been done. But I compare the state of things here to the honestly stellar treatment I have received from other Linux friendly developers such as RWS or Frozenbyte and things here do come up short. I am still hopeful and optimistic that things can improve however. EDIT: Just though I should mention that I have been playing with the latest version released on 2012-08-15.
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