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  1. A name came to me recently Developing Quarry A spin on Developing Story Developing works since they're growing into adulthood. Quarry: noun: a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence Quarry works particularly well for the girl since she's being made a sacrifice. I'm not too sure about the boy's situation though. Probably too silly to be an actual title though.
  2. I agree with Tim. Worlds Apart simply isn't original or clever in any way. As someone else said on here, Broken Age reminds me of a medieval strategy/fantasy game. I hope something inspires someone to come up with something else.
  3. Please not Worlds Apart. It just sounds waaay too clique and overused. The Divide is the most pleasing out of the four. I still love 'Horizon Break' though.
  4. The soundtrack was one of my favorite aspects of the game. Those songs gave everything such a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.
  5. Great episode. It's nice to get a little back-story on the team memebers. I wonder how they plan to come up with code-names after this. =.=
  6. 1. A Kingdom that is divided into rings (sectors) of colors. It's not just the sectors that are colored, the people in each sector dress or imitate their color Example: The lower slums are a grey or dirty color, the next level ( higher Inner circle) is a brighter color like green or navy blue. The highest level where the royalty exists possess the most sacred secret color that none of the rest of the kingdom is allowed to see. 2. A theme park in the middle of a dark forest that isn't run by electricity, but the memories of all those who choose to ride the park's attractions. People get lost in the woods and happen upon the park. Once they've entered, they cannot leave because no matter which direction leave leave in, they always come back. (the time of day is always twilight) 3. A world that exists on a massive endless linear platform. Across the platform there are bubble enclosed cities that are created each and every year. Each year a new city automatically created further down the platform after the previous. Everyone has the option of traveling (on foot) to whatever city (time) they choose to live. There are nomads who are looked down upon for constantly moving forward from city to city each year and not living in the past.
  7. Love the concept of the origami world. The moon lighthouse is a thought provoking setting as well.
  8. This was so interesting to watch. A developer playing his own game. Pointing out all the mistakes and stories behind each aspect of the game. Love it.
  9. Wow. I know that this isn't going to be in the final game, but the atmosphere is stunning. I would legitimately want to live in that house. Perhaps the Hipster LumberJack can be an easteregg or some sort of cameo in the final project.
  10. You're an inspiration to people with bad handwriting, like myself.
  11. This reminds me of that episode of the Cosby show where Bill is teaching Theo how only a small percentage of his income will actually make it's way into his wallet after paying for daily necessities.
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