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  1. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    One more to finish out the season. Happy Halloween!
  2. How about some Zombies Ate My Neighbors?
  3. Why have I never heard of this series until just now?
  4. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    I don't know if I'm putting too much time into this project or not enough, but either way, I think I'm having more fun with it than I ought to.
  5. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    In honor of Gabe Cinquepalmi (Costume Quest producer/writer, and creator of Double Fine comic "Dirt Nap"), I made the following. I'm sorry. And one more, because circles are easy to draw. You've heard of an Everlasting Gobstopper? Well, this is an Underwhelming Globstobber.
  6. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    Great job, everyone! Looking good! @Jenni, Nice one! I guess if Tim got "Schafer's Wafers", Spaff deserves a "Spaffy Taffy". Any other DF'ers want to be immortalized in Creepy Treat form? @Kewl Lemon, If Double Fine were edible, I'd give it to all the Trick-or-treaters! I like how you made the robot look like the costume from Costume Quest! Looks chewy, too! Here's some more from me: Double Fine, you better make Costume Quest 3 fast, before we take all the good Creepy Treats. (Or you can just use ours.)
  7. Would it be possible to build an indoor skydiving pad over a giant theremin?
  8. Is anyone else here playing Cuphead? I was a little hesitant at first, since super-hard bullet-hell type games never really appealed to me. I'll admit, I've gotten frustrated on several occasions, but after (a lot) of practice, I finally got the hang of some of the tougher levels. And, of course, the beautiful visuals and music make the game a sheer delight.
  9. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    Ha, ha, I really dropped the ball on this one. But FIE! on forum etiquette, I'm bringing this back. Hopefully I'll get in a few more by Halloween. Here's the one I planned to pair with the last one: Hint:
  10. There's no need to throw shade, here.
  11. "Yakko's World", Brought to you by the movies! This is brilliant.
  12. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    Keep your nose to the grindstone! I really like how this game is shaping up! That pottery sculpting is slick!
  13. To vary up gameplay, it looks like a lot of those ideas could be combined differently for each game. Like "You're the tooth fairy, but you have babies for hands" or "Tennis hell, but hands are snakes", etc. Or mix it up like: "one hand baby, one hand beehive". Anyway, it's looking like a lot of goofy fun! I like that art style and floppy effect!
  14. Day 8 Update

    It looks like your code has a memory leek. Keep up the good work!