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    I think I've been playing games since I was 4. 5 favorite games: 1. PSYCHONAUTS 2. The original 3 Spyro games. 3. The original Crash Bandicoot games. 4. Jak Trilogy 5. Viva Pinata
  1. pashapup


    Hm, good point. Going back to an older theory, I think the hand of galachio is only made of fear, not curse or his own power. If the hand could appear in Gloria's theatre, that marks agaist it being Raz's hydrokinesis, since that would have been made of cardboard, not water. That also could count against it being curse.
  2. pashapup


    But then why can't he use levitation? The levitation ball collapses as if it can't take his weight, implying that he's heavier, larger, than normal.
  3. pashapup


    I think shielding is the levitation bubble turned into a sheild by Raz crouching inside it. The bubble in the sheild changes color when you change the color of the ball. Altough, he later makes a shield big enough to sheild him and Lili, so could the levitaion bubble be changed in size? Another theory: Is Raz huge in a normal sized Lungfishopolis or is it a small Lungfishopolis with a normal sized Raz?
  4. Start a new game, and use the All Powers cheat. Go up to Oleander and use Telekinesis on him. When you let go, he will stay wiggling in midair. He even does this as you talk to him.
  5. Claimer: This thread now has bacon. If this power existed, earth would be doomed.
  6. Disclaimer: This is not a "LETS SCREAM R LUNGS OUT 4 A PSICHONAUT SEQUIL NUMBER 2!!!111ONE". Nor does this thread have bacon. It's just an idea thread, for the fun of it. Alright, now that that's out of the way... ideas? I've heard hydrokinesis and cyrokinesis and mind control. I think a power where you could bend/crush/implode things would be awesome too.
  7. Just the protect Olly part was tough to me, mostly cause I hate the protect-the-civilian-with-a-death-wish in any game. I always got stuck on the second knife-thrower wheel, and regardless of how well I placed the knife on the wheel and how good of jump I took, I'd always miss the platform. Always. Eventually, the game goofed or something, and after I fell for the hundridth time, it put me onto the platform, and the rest I got through pretty easy.
  8. pashapup


    Don't forget the fish. About the birds in the Brain Tumbler Experiment: I always thought it was an easter sort of thing. You know, bunnies and eggs. I don't know, The World Shall Taste My Eggs was a wtf moment to me, and easter eggs was my only explaination for it. I like the nightmare idea. It's backed up by the fact that the arena Rax fights the nightmare in Boyd's mind is made of fire. As for the Raz=Hydrokinesis, I'm iffy on that. It makes sense, but at the end, when Raz father givs him his power, it resembles fire. Also, Raz's psychic enegy is red-orange.
  9. It turned out good! I did the top and base seperate, and they stuck together well after glazing. The windows looks really good, a very glowing yellow, and the tower was glazed good and sleek dark black, though some green vines I did around it came out a bit too pale. The very top part (the little roof with the weather vein on it) got tilted in the kiln, so I'm currently trying to get it unstuck and set back in place. After that, I'm going to make the railing and weather vein and such out of copper wire, and it'll be done! Also, I've been working on a pics of Vernon and his dog, Lady.
  10. This made my day, Feddle. I think stories about Quentin and Pheobe's band would be good.
  11. Try using invisiblity to get past the G-men, and they say "Please, we have infra-red vision."
  12. In the room with the Horizontal Confetti Fan™, look down and there should be an room to the... right?
  13. I like the idea of Morry's war stories. Another good idea is stories about Milla and the orphanage before it burned down. Haven't really seen any stories on that one.
  14. Your drawings are most excellent! I really like your take on what Raz and Lili would look like grown up. Just awesome.
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