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  1. Well, I guess any news is good news.
  2. A shirt that says "It's made from turtles! Turtles that you LOVE!" with a picture of Mr. Pokeylope would also be classified as awesome.
  3. It's not going to be Psychonauts 2 because that's what Tim Schafer said himself.
  4. Nah, they said the new game has nothing to do with Psychonauts, nor the Psychonauts universe. Besides, a Full Throttle 2 or Grim Fandango 2 would be just as welcome. Also something completely new.
  5. Indeed, thanks and praise, whatnot.
  6. I know I suggested a Psychonauts artbook a while ago, which from the reply I got the team seems interested in pursuing, but haven't had the time. Also Milkman, Hairless Bear and Black Velvetopia shirts would be cool. The action comics and buttons based on said action comics are nice, but more Psychonauts stuff would be cool.
  7. Indeed good sir, soiled pants all around. And I am now happy I have achieved my hour-long goal of having the highest post-count! Now, back to Dreamfall 2...
  8. A much needed and celebrated addition to the website alongside updated graphics and interwebz showmanship.
  9. This forum is interesting and fairly virgin in it's nature, so I intend to thrust my own thoughts on various Psychonauts related paraphenalia into it's uncharted depths. Smashing! A word of caution however, this thread contains spoilers (however, why you might peruse into this neck of the woods without previous knowledge of the storyline proper is beyond me. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED FOOL!!) For the longest time before Psychonauts was released I always thought Bobby Zilch was Dr. Lobato (seeing the promo video I assumed you'd go into Lobato's mind and therin find younger Bobby, much like Coach Oleander and Lil' Ollie.) Mostly it was similar skin color (green and blue looks similar when viewed through the blurry vaseline scope of Youtube-o-vision) and the fact that Lobato's hair is covered by a hair net (although in-game you can clearly see it's black on the side.) That said (and being a hopeless fan with nothing better to do) I wonder about the intricacies of how/why this could happen (truly, if it's possible how it'd be written.) Anyway, did anyone else hatch this quackpot theory? Also, would Double Fine include a hairless bear in subsequent games? How about a hairless bear t-shirt of button? (I know I'd most definately buy one of those, or a shirt stating that I happen to be THE milkman and my proverbial milk is most delicious. Or an inquiry into wether said milk is normal or "the scary dream kind?")
  10. I believe the game will not be Psychonauts, nor Psychonauts 2... However it could very well feature the two-headed baby in some manner, and contain writing by in whole or part Tim Schafer (and not Tim Schaffer, the US senator.) Think about it...
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