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    I am not a robot, admin! *red eye blinks*
  1. I really would like an Android version. But I guess it's again because of the fragmentation. or... Double Fine don't want my money.
  2. It stops being fun in DayZ with all the insane murderers. Best play with a friend.
  3. Be something else than a white, north american twenty-something on xbox Live, PSN and Steam/Teamspeak and your trolled anyway.There are a lot of clever concepts: Auto-Mute If a users voice chat is muted over 50% more than usual, the system will auto-mute the mic. So everyone in the online game can decide if he really wants to hear, what this person has to say.
  4. Not me *goes play some more TF2* Australians won't get it anyway. I dont get what you're saying. Because it's winter in Australia now.When the nothern half of Earth has winter, they will have summer.
  5. how about you switch over about 5° over here to nothern europe. It's about 18°Celsius up in here. And it sucks.
  6. Not me *goes play some more TF2* Australians won't get it anyway.
  7. Thats, what I meaned. Of course, she is playing a character and she has some comedic talent. I hope it doesn't wear out too soon.
  8. Instead our avatar stares at me with crazy eyes. As Barney said, there is a hot/crazy curve
  9. One day, when he made ALL TEH G4MES, Tim should write release his Autobiography. I want to read that.
  10. same here. they take big risks on a lot of really out-there games (Brutal Legend, Shadows of the Damned) Thats the Partner Programm. A good thing, but every game was a commerical fail. And Brütal Legend was advertised at the Wacken Open Air Metal Festival and stuff.
  11. Red Bull Cola. It just tastes different. Also, real coka leaves inside, like it's suppost to be in a "Cola". No chemestry magic. I would like to try a Nuka-Cola. Damit, bring on the apocalypse, now!
  12. It's a german 2D adventure game that never says "No, I can't do that" You can spray ketchup on every single object in the game, hit everything with a Polo bat and write your characters name all over the place. It just won't help you. But that was the focus of the game, it's a final exam of the creator on object interactivity.
  13. Germany, where adventure games still exist (Tims Quote in the Kickstarter Video made me jump the ceiling) Because it is not a continent. Let me rephrase then: If I'm from Mexico, what do I select? I see, South and Middle America are not represented at all.
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