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  1. Better late than never, right? ...right? I should have my own video up very soon! (I'm having a weird issue trying to get it off my camera, bah) What's the deadline for this?
  2. Fantastic work, you guys! I shed several tears of happiness while watching this; the part about the launch was especially heartwarming to see. Congratulations, Double Fine, and many countless thanks!
  3. I do actually have drawings other than psychonauts I promise you people I just haven't finished them enough to want to post them yet. In fact I have kind of a really big fanart in the works but I'm not going to post it until it's completely done. Until then, here's some cool psychics having a chill day
  4. I kept running into other DFAF people at the Double Fine party on Sunday evening and I figured I'd make this thread so we could all reunite over the magic of the internets or something along those lines. So, as the summary says: Which among you in the forums went to PAX Prime this year? Whether you went the full four days or just stepped in briefly!
  5. Yes, absolutely! The entire thing is motivational and inspirational to me. The discussions and snippets of work and sidequests and pretty much everything are really great to see. Honestly I don't know what exactly it is about the documentary that makes me want to get up and make stuff but it's simply amazing. I already had a ton of respect for Double Fine, but watching the documentary I'm finding them to be quite inspiring as well. I also really enjoy the work by 2PP! I briefly pursued video editing at one point in my life, and even though I'm not really doing that anymore I still have a great appreciation for it and I love how the episodes are put together.
  6. Do I get a lifetime supply of chocolate swirl cheesecake brownies?
  7. Thanks everyone I've still got a bit of polishing to do on my portfolio/reel before I can ship it off, but at least the hard part is over! Unless the hard part turns out to be the whole "finding a job" bit, in which case I should correct myself and say the SECOND hardest part is over. Medacris: I think my dad ordered the cheesecake when we went; he said it was indeed pretty good! Did you put any notes by the window? Some people leave notes on the windowsill and others add onto the note as they rotate around the restaurant. It's pretty cool.
  8. Well, technically yesterday, but I haven't gone to sleep yet so as far as I'm concerned it's still the 18th, hehe. Our school is pretty tiny so the whole ceremony was more personal than a typical one. One of my teachers gave me a book as a graduation present and it was super awesome. So yeah, I'm more or less officially an artist/animator now. Woohoo! Figured I'd share that with you guys. Side Note: if you ever find yourself ordering dessert at the space needle restaurant, get the Lunar Orbiter. Just do it. Seriously.
  9. This video put a smile on my face. And a happy/excited/heartfelt tear in my eye. The best kind. In all seriousness, this is wonderful. All of the clips and snippets seem to echo my thoughts on the project and this whole journey we've all been on, which by far has been inspirational and incredible thus far. Excellent work! Also, count me among the many people who want to play that song on repeat; it's so beautiful!
  10. Tomorrow is the final assessment day for my school for my class. We pass this one, we graduate next month. I can't tell if I'm totally confident or really, really nervous. It seems to flip flop between both at random intervals. Maybe I'm nervous about the fact that I'm so confident. Or I'm very confident that I am indeed nervous. It is a mystery. Also this Animal Crossing music plugin is rather amusing.
  11. Finally got mine done! Sorry if I sound a little incoherent; I pretty much went straight to making this right after I got home from school this evening.
  12. Oooohhh I've always wanted to try my hand at making an RPG Maker game! I haven't had the time lately unfortunately D: I've toyed with the engine a little in the past, though, and I've seen some cool stuff come out of it, especially recently.
  13. Graduation is sneaking up on me faster than a tortoise on caffeine and I hardly feel ready. Although that's probably because I'm so used to graduation being far away that the feeling is kinda stuck there and refuses to budge. So now I'm tied between carrying on life as usual and racing to get my portfolio and assignments done before school ends. In other news, whiteboards are ridiculously fun to draw on, though a little strange-feeling compared to my tablet or my sketchbook. But they used the good one for a staff meeting or something this week so I couldn't draw on it. Bummer. Maybe it'll be free again next week...
  14. Hey guys what's goin o-- What happened to everyone's names
  15. In other news, I went to start my minecraft server the other day only to remember that it was lost when my old computer exploded. Ah, well, fresh beginnings are always fun.
  16. Hey I'm working on my reel too. I'll show you mine if you show me yours... This is a good plan. I like this plan. My reel isn't quite ready yet - there's a bit of polishing and whatnot left to do on it - but it's almost there. (I may or may not have uploaded some wips somewhere, though). I'm hoping to get the whole thing done before June, since that's when I graduate.
  17. Had you not included the clarification that it's on your television I would have pictured you going to a movie theater and renting one of the rooms just so you could play Psychonauts on a giant freakin' screen and have that awesome sound system to boot actually wait no I pictured that anyway (and now I can't stop grinning about it help)
  18. i'll emulate your animation style but with stick people. it'll look, like, basically the same. don't worry. Two minions already? Why, I'm on a roll. RISE, MY LOYAL SUBJECTS. FIRST, WE CONQUER THIS DEMO REEL. AND THEN...THE WORLD! (insert manic laughter here)
  19. I'd post more, but I'm graduating in about 1-2 months and this demo reel isn't going to animate itself. I need to get that thing wrapped up and rendered so I can ship it off in June...
  20. I don't have any coffee, but I've got plenty of tea, including chai...which I'm preeeetty sure qualifies as black tea. I should make some; but I might have to run to the store to get some milk first since I'm all out... I agree though, caffeine does indeed help with headaches!
  21. How can it be the middle of March already? I graduate in June... and it still feels like June should be like six months away, not two and a half! I ended up not being able to go to school today due to illness, so I just did some animation at home. In spite of my headache, I managed an awesome one-hour sprint today on a run cycle, AND got it to look pretty good. I want to work on it more but my headache spiked again and it's keeping me from focusing as well as I should. Bah. I guess I'll wait for the tea to kick in before I keep working...
  22. You got to go to ECCC?! I'm so jealous... I would have gone but money is tight and I've already committed to Sakuracon. It seems every time I want to go to ECCC I get thwarted by SOMETHING. D:
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