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    Artist/Art Director at Games Foundry
  1. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    In my opinion, I think Bad Golf needs an over the top announcer at the start of a match/round that goes "Ready? Set. BA-AAD GOLF!" Also, announcements for Birdies, Hole-in-ones, Eagles, Bogey, Double Bogeys, and so on. I say just record them and put them up there. Maybe they'll get used? Sounds I think they'll need, in enthusiasm levels from excited to sarcastic: Hole-in-One Double Eagle/Albatross (they mean the same thing so, whichever is preferred) Eagle Birdie Par Bogey Double bogey Triple bogey Bad Golf! (For the title screen or when they start a game, I would suppose). Maybe post around the net to see if a Leslie Nielsen soundalike would contribute? http://voice123.com/lv/Leslie-Nielsen-Soundalike.html
  2. Bad Golf: Community Edition

    Wow, this stuff is amazing. I Did some warm up painting before work today. mostly just some thoughts on how to handle the horizon, skybox, and sand (forgive me for the terribad trees). Inspiring stuff people keep it up!
  3. New content is multiplying like rabbits. Good job!