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  1. @DF Anna/Bidiot Bales/schala: Thank you for addressing my concerns regarding spoilers. I think I will watch episodes 1~10 of the documentary and play Act 1 when I get the chance.
  2. THIS IS THE FIRST AND LAST TIME I'M RESPONDING TO THIS. It's like the original was to give each backer 1 pound of apple candy within a week. Then they decided to add another pound of apple candy and delay the giving of candy by another week. After that, they said,"Hey, we can't deliver. If you wait two more months, we'll throw in 3 more pounds of orange candy!" Not in my case. I paid for 1 pound of apple candy. I expected 1 pound of apple candy. Expected delivery time? 1 week. Oh my, how all over the place I must have been to expect what I paid for at the promised time. There were delays. I accepted that. There were more delays. Did you see me come here like a raving lunatic? I still accepted it, albeit unhappily. You say you're confused by people like me. I'm confused by people like you. I come here to offer an olive branch to DF and say "Hey, maybe we'll work again in the future, now that I think you can work within budget and in a more timely manner." I got peeved because of facts: They were over budget, and they did not deliver on time. Ask DF if they think I'm wrong about this. Yes or no, without all the excuses. You don't want to deal with the suits, you become the suits. When you have the suits between us, I get mad at the suits. I know Massive Chalice is fundamentally different from Reds. I'm using it as an excuse to continue my relationship with DF. I want to. Then someone like you comes along,"Consider reasons!" I did. The biggest reason is that this is something that all of us adventure fans banded together for. I don't want it to turn into something ugly. That's why I'm here with the olive branch and whatnot. But this does not change the fact that lessons have to be learned. Not misinterpretation from me, just over-promising from them. If DF had said they'll need five years from the get-go. I would've just waited for five years, and you would not have heard a peep out of me. Except for the occasional peep of encouragement, maybe. There. Feel free to prove how wrong I am, or attack me, if you wish. No more responses about this matter on my end.
  3. Hello! I'm new, and enjoying myself in Massive Chalice. I'll wait till I have something more useful to contribute before posting again, but good job Mister Brad "Smiley Moo" Moo-Ear and team!
  4. Haven't watched the documentary, read any info (except general news about anything I backed at DF, including forum posts) and played Act 1 for the longest time because I'm very anal about spoilers (wait, so should I be posting here then? I will, just to get my point across). The delays put me off. The first ones were okay. Then when it seemed like funding became an issue, and further delays were announced, I became slightly peeved. I'm not one to go screaming on the forums (nor am I the kind to ask for refunds), so I just bit my tongue and carried on going about my life silently. DF9 did not help, but I'll stop at that. Today, I got my Massive Chalice Steam code. I know it's a beta. Yes, still off topic from the thread. I realise that. However, I also realised that it's pretty damn close to the initial projected date. I'm taking this as a sign that lessons have been learned from the setbacks, and will back at least one or two more projects after this one (if DF should choose to go this way again). I hope this can be the start of rebuilding bridges between those who became jaded like I did, and DF. Okay, off to the Massive section to issue my congratulations, then it's more dodging of info on Reds so I can play it all in one shot when it comes out next year! Thanks for bearing with my boring-ness!
  5. Slacker backed! Sorry I arrived so late lol. Anyway, when the game proper's done (I know it's very far off), I'd like to request for a LAN function if possible. The rest of my group's holding off purchase only because (as far as we know) there isn't a LAN function. Good luck, y'all!
  6. The documentary is the only reason I backed DFA (besides my burning desire to have another quality adventure game while giving a "up yours" to naysayers of the adventure genre). I have not given any input because I trust the team implicitly with the game itself, but the process through which Reds is birthed is supremely interesting. On a side note, Peter's working process reminds me of my own. Except I have to travel further to get to communicate with nature because I live in (and work from) my apartment in the city. Someday, I'll get a house closer to nature. Someday.
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