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  1. To be honest, I only ran into one small minor bug. I can't wait to start a second play through. My next will be scientist, adventurer, and time traveler. Knight and twins were just awesome.
  2. I just finished my first play-through of the Cave. I had relatively high expectations for the game and it exceeded them. Audio wise, the sound, music, and voice acting were phenomenal. I really enjoyed the allegorical aspect of the story to human consciousness. The game-play was fun and extremely rewarding. For me personally, I was sitting at my desk grinning the entire time I played. What are everyone's thoughts after we have had a few days to let it all sink in?
  3. Sadly I was another person who took a vacation day from work. FOILED AGAIN BATMAN!
  4. I have similar feelings. I am a PC gamer and I wanted to play Costume Quest and Stacking for a long time. I just recently played them and they were both fantastic. They remind me of why I love gaming.
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