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  1. I've been working with Moai for about a year now, but thinking about switching to Unity. Not only that what DF contribute back to Moai will decide whether I stick with Moai or not, but I think it will pretty much define the future of the engine. If DF contribute something that can make Moai more approachable for new users, the community will start growing and it wil gain momentum. If not, I think that unfortunatelly Moai will stall until eventually everybody simply forgets about it.
  2. @Oliver, Wow, wouldn't expect it's in the dev branch already! Thanks a bunch guys, and now I'm off to Github No sleeping for me this week Cheers N
  3. This is great! As a Moai developer myself, I can't help but ask whether this work will find its way into Moai SDK? I am slowly writing my high-level Moai framework ( including importing SVG, 3D models from 3DS Max, video player, etc... the stuff I plan to publish as an open source) and I was looking into ways to accomplish bone animation myself. If the work that you do can possibly become a Moai feature that would be great as i could focus my time on many other areas that I still need to cover. In the meantime, for us developer-dork-fans, can we get at least an "aerial overview" of how you accomplished this technically? Thanks a bunch! Nenad
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