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  1. I just now noticed the countdown counting down at somewhere around 11 minutes, but a few minutes later the count was again going up at around 4 minutes. Also a few more bugs: - When I tasked my character (Hot Head) who had 1 training point left to do a power workout, i changed my mind while he was under way and set him to learn instead. After learning he continued to do the power workout, so I got 2 upgrades with 1 training point. I confirmed this a second time. small ones: - The learning flipboard clips in front of the superium-tree - Somewhere during the animation when a character enters my rec room (lvl1, next to the bedroom), the door clips in front of the character - The boxes clip in front of a character sitting on the right side of the couch - When I set all my 4 active characters to take time off, the 4th queued but when a space came available sat on top of another character on the right side of the couch cheers edit: still no superium from the tree edit2: pre-update, haven't tested it with the most recent update yet
  2. If it gives superium automatically i don't know for sure, but if you have to tap it when it glows blue then I didn't get any superium during 40 minutes play time.
  3. I'm having lots of fun with this game, and I found two bugs so far: -the superium-tree countdown timer counts up instead of down when I tap on it -characters clip behind the upper left bed in the bedroom (bed at level 2 atm) Running 4.1.2 on a Galaxy SIII cheers
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