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  1. You still have to do the resolution trick to enable the retro mode.
  2. You're right, in fact I wrote that the screenshot ending in 19 looks ok. If you cannot see the file's name, move the mouse on one of the thumbnails and wait a few moments, it should appear "2014-01-15_00018.jpg" for the "wrong" one, and "2014-01-15_00019" for the right one
  3. [Dead Eye Pyramid] Just a typo: After placing the "pieces of quartz" in the wrong order and both Vella and the God exit the Pyramid, after both the guardians pass out, the God says (in english) "Okay, the targeting iris has three hundreds yers of rust [...]): Current Line: "Oh, il sistema di puntamento ha accumulato tre secoli di ruggine [...]" Suggested Line: "OK, il sistema di puntamento ha accumulato tre secoli di ruggine [...]" EDIT: Also at the beginning of the Shay part, when you go outside the spaceship to investigate the strange object, when you try many times to jump into space without succeeding, Shay says "Lift off! then "This stinks!" Current Line "Si decolla!" , "Ma sta roba puzza!" "Ma sta roba puzza!" is a literal translation of "This stinks!", like "This has a bad smell". Now I assume that the expression "This stinks!" means that Shay is "bothered" because he cannot jump free into space, so I suggest to use something like "Che noia!". I want to hear other italian users' advices on this anyway
  4. I've just found this little problem, when talking with Marshall Dune, after you have the right perfume: When Vella says that she has to find a weapon (screenshot ending in 18), the background is a bit pixelated (like it's a crop of the whole background) but then on the the next sentence, when she says "Better let you go back to the Feast" (screenshot ending in 19)the background is out of focus and looks allright. This problem only happens in this occasion, as far as I could see. Screenshots attached. Here's my PC specs: Windows 8.1 64bit AMD FX-6300 ATI HD7850 2GB with the latest stable drivers RAM 8GB
  5. I have the same problem. Windows 8.1 64bit AMD HD7850 2GB (latest stable drivers) AMD FX-6300 RAM 8GB Screen 22'' 1680x1050
  6. I just encountered a bug: It happens when you say to him "Forget it. If we can't go to Prima Doom, I don't want to go anywhere", and then it says "Please young sir, don't be angry. If I could override this directive, I most certainly would!" As you can see, when the camera is only on the Space Weaver, the subtitles don't fit in the screen space. But then when the camera shows both the Space Weaver and Shay, they're fine. The screens show italian subtitles, but it happens with the english ones, too. Here's my PC Spec: Windows 8.1 64Bit AMD FX-6300 HD 7850 2GB (with the latest stable drivers) RAM 8GB I'm playing on a 22'' screen, at 1680x1050. PS: So far, the game looks and sounds beautifully.
  7. That's not correct. "Hang on" just means wait, stop, not "tenere" I suggest changing the line from "Un attimo" to "Un momento" or "Aspetta" Tieniti forte is a translation of: "Hold on to your hat" or "Hold on" in italiano: Forse ti confondi con Hold On, perché Hang on vuol dire solo e solamente aspetta, attendi, un momento, fermo etc. Aggrapparsi è "Hang on to something", hang on da solo non vuol dire aggrapparsi. meanwhile... another bug [iTALIAN] Shay - Spaceship - Sweets room Current Line: "Quando mangi solo dolcetti e caramelle tutto il santo giorno, arrivi a un punto dove non ti piacciono più." Suggested Line: "Quando mangi solo dolcetti e caramelle tutto il santo giorno, arrivi al punto in cui non ti piacciono più." "Dove" is used mostly for places, "punto" here is not a place but a moment of your life Yes, it's better like you said
  8. [iTALIAN] Spaceship - Teleporter: Sometime when you use one of the three teleporters, it yells "Hang on!" that is translated in "Un attimo!". I suggest to use "Tieniti forte!" instead.
  9. I've never posted here (I prefer to read ) but, in this particular case, I wanted to say "thanks" for all the work you've done up to now. Take all the time you need to make a good game.
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