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  1. (Sorry for my bad English.) I just finished the game. Thank you so much for this masterpiece DoubleFine. I'm a little bit ashamed to admit it but I cried a lot at the end to be frank. I was expecting to see this last shot. Even though, I thought it was beautiful. Simple but profoundly meaningful. It has been such an adventure... It's very touching to know that me and a lot of other people contributed to that. So, yes, again, thank you (and sorry for being cheesy).
  2. Found it! It took me less than two minutes after reading this topic. Good puzzle by the way.
  3. I was wondering the same thing ^^. That's a relief .
  4. Thanks! I actually did all of this... Do I maybe need to enter my game code somewhere? If that's the case, I actually can't access is anymore. It just says that it has been reedeemed to my account on the Humble Bundle page. EDIT: Ok! I'll wait for it. Thanks. EDIT 2: I just received the e-mail! Game is downloading right now. Thanks for your help. I just needed to be a little bit more patient. ^^ A big thank you to DoubleFine as well! Really excited about finally playing this .
  5. There are instructions but it says that I need to enter a special code... and I don't have anything. Maybe I need to wait for them to send me an-email.
  6. Will the beta code be sent by e-mail? I still didn't receive anything.
  7. Epic! Thank you so much for letting backers play the game one day earlier! I'm so hyped! "Are you me... from the future?"
  8. Kind of off topic (not really though), there is an episode of the documentary where we see an artwork of Shay with a guy wearing a rabbit costume. Maybe Marek's evil (good?) twin (wolf VS rabbit)? I was wondering about that... EDIT: Nevermind... I've just realized that it was in fact a guy wearing a dog costume. I guess it was made to be a Wilfred's artwork since Elijah Wood is both doing Ryan (The main character in Wilfred) and Shay. Anyway, I personally think that Marek is a man, maybe Shay's dad.
  9. Thank you so much DoubleFine! I'm really excited to play this .
  10. (I apologize in advance for my bad English: I'm French.) I personally couldn't resist: so I watched it . I'm really hyped actually. I love the fact that we are exploring the same environnements with different characters. It's like having a whole new point of view of both universes. Also, puzzles seem to be a lot more challenging (like, for example, the one with F'ther and the knot... It seems kind of complicated). I agree with KestrelPi on the fact that it's really starting to feel like a complete game. It's little bit like the first act was only the game's introduction and the second act will be the part when the game finally delivers on its potential. I thought some of the jokes were hilarious too (Vella meeting the ship's AI, Shay meeting Curtis, etc). I'm looking forward to play this .
  11. It's a mix between a "point and click" game and a "visual novel". The investigation parts can be played almost like a classic "point and click" adventure game. I was really amazed when I played Ace Attorney for the first time. I thought it was a really fresh way to look at point and click adventure game (at this time I didn't know anything about visual novels though).
  12. The Ace Attorney games. It's too bad that they are not in the poll.
  13. Sorry for the double-post. I just found something else : VELLA -When we use the "art" on the thing in the temple of the Blind God, space-guy appears and sighs. There is a french subtitle when the guy sighs and it reads "fait un bisou" which means "makes a kiss". Obviously, it doesn't make a lot of sense .
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